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How to Prevent Pet Damage to Hardwood Floors!

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It’s an all-too-common question among homeowners: can my indoor pets and hardwood flooring peacefully coexist? The answer is yes! We all love our beloved furry friends. But when our beautiful hardwood floors are hit by these four-legged attackers, that love can be put to the test. Nail damage, potty-training accidents, spilled water dishes – it all wreaks havoc on hardwoods. The good news is that pet damage to hardwood floors doesn’t have to be inevitable, or permanent. We’ve got a few helpful tips to ensure your indoor pets and hardwood floors can live together in perfect harmony.

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Keep floors clean: The first step towards keeping your hardwood floors beautiful is simply keeping them clean. Pets tend to bring in extra dirt which can act like sandpaper against your hardwoods. The more you sweep and mop your hardwood floors, the less wear and tear it will sustain.

Clean up accidents immediately: Accidents can be prevented with thorough training, but occasionally they do still occur. The most important thing is to clean up any accidents immediately. Don’t let urine sit on hardwood floors. Training pads or absorbent rugs can be helpful tools to help protect your hardwoods.

Keep nails clipped and trimmed: Pet nails, especially those of larger breeds, can really do a number on hardwood floors. To prevent scratches and gouges in your hardwoods, make sure you regularly clip and trim your pet’s nails. Keep any hair in between the pads of the paws trimmed as well. This hair can be slippery on hardwoods, causing your pet to dig in with the nails for traction.

Protect food/water areas: One simple solution to protect hardwood floors is to use a durable waterproof mat under your pet’s dishes. A good protective mat will prevent spillage and help keep food and water bowls from moving around. You’ll also want to choose bowls which are heavy and stable, not flimsy.

Can you have indoor pets and beautiful hardwood floors too? Absolutely! Let help you keep your hardwood flooring looking its best: give us a call today! We are now serving all of Sacramento, Los Angeles, and the surrounding Santa Barbara areas!

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