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The Difference between Red and White Oak

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Deciding on your flooring shouldn’t be too stressful! That’s why we guide you along the way and give you the information you need to make the best possible choices for your flooring project. Often, the most popular types of wood, like oak, have different options to choose from. With oak, you have the option of red or white. So what is the difference between Red and white Oak?

Buckhead Oak Flooring

There are differences to be noted for each but we will start at color. Red oak has a pinkish tint and is actually lighter in color when beside a white oak. When stained, the red oak becomes more reddish in tint due to the red undertones, but over time with darker stains, the tone will become subtler. White oak however, is more of a yellow-brown and will maintain its color longer with a lighter stain.

Water resistance is important when dealing with any wood flooring. You have upkeep and are spending a good penny to lay your beautiful wood. The last, thing you want is water damage lifting or rotting your flooring. White oak is a closed grain wood, which is better suited for rooms that may receive a little more moisture such as a laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom. It doesn’t absorb water as easily as red oak. Red oak is more porous, which means it will absorb water more easily than white oak. So, for less warping choose white oak.

The wood grain is different in each type of wood there is. White oak is smoother and often utilized for a more contemporary kind of look and feel. However, with a smoother surface, dents and scratches will be more visible. Red oak is a better pick for high traffic areas and furniture because the wood grain is more visible making scratches less visible.

The last difference is in price. Both red oak and white are comparable in price. The ultimate factors in price will be the demand and plank sizes.

With, you not only receive advice, you receive quality. The best possible wood flooring for the best prices! We offer a variety of wood flooring in red and white oak among many others for you to select the look you want for your home. We will be with you every step with DIY guides and tips along with customer service available to ensure your order is packaged and shipped accordingly.

Shop today and be on your way to a great new space one-floor board at a time!

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