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The differenece between Hardwood Floors vs. Carpets and Tiles

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Many people love the aesthetic beauty of hardwood floors and would choose them for that reason alone. Others may not see that as a clear advantage and will choose carpets or tiles instead. There are other reasons besides looks why hardwood should be your first choice for new flooring.

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Stain resistant: Unlike carpets, finished hardwood floors will resist all kinds of liquids, and are therefore very stain resistant. Carpets can be treated to repel moisture, but liquids can still weep into the underlayment, resulting in deep stains and perhaps bad odors. Even porous tiles like cork can absorb spills and may not be the best choice.

Hypo-allergenic: Hardwood flooring is the most hypoallergenic flooring material you can buy, with little tendency to absorb dirt, pet odors, or stains. It is very easy to clean up any pet hair or dust, making it the first choice for many allergy sufferers. Doctors have been known to tell patients to tear out their carpeting and replace it with hardwood floors for severe allergies.

The ease of cleaning is also an advantage when comparing hardwood to tile. Hardwood floors have very few gaps or spaces for dirt to accumulate. A tile floor by design uses a grout which is slightly lower than the surface of the tile. If not cleaned carefully, the grout lines can accumulate dirt and allergens.

Durability and maintenance: Hardwood floors are far more durable than carpeting, particularly in high traffic areas. Periodically you should have carpets professionally cleaned to maintain them; this expense is not needed for hardwood floors. Tile floors can be broken if a heavy object is dropped on them, which is unlikely with hardwood. In addition, tile can be broken or come loose if the home shifts, settles, or expands and contracts more than a small amount. Hardwood floors can absorb these changes with less effect. has an extensive and diverse inventory of hardwoods waiting for your next floor project. Don’t be locked into thinking you should use carpet or tile, choose hardwoods from and enjoy years of beautiful floors.

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