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Should You Consider Maple Hardwood?

When people consider hardwood flooring, they may be inclined to eliminate maple flooring from consideration. Maple hardwood, also known as sugar maple or rock maple, is a name that covers different types of woods. Let’s review the pros and cons of maple hardwood as a flooring choice.

Maple Hardwood for Sale

Maple generally falls into two types; soft and hard. There are different types of soft maple woods but only one hardwood variety — Acer Saccarum. This wood comes from the same tree used to make maple syrup, and has a hardness higher than red or white oak. That pretty much dispels the notion that maple hardwood isn’t a good flooring choice. Two different wood tones can be created from a hard maple log; the outer sapwood is a lighter blond shade, while the heart of the tree has darker brown and red tones. Maple wood grain is rather fine and mostly linear with some waves and curves.

Pre-finished flooring will provide you a more consistent stain color. Maple can be finished and sealed on-site, but water-based polyurethanes should be used versus oil-based to avoid severe yellowing over time if you are not applying a stain. Stains can be used on maple with very careful sanding preparation to prevent a blotchy appearance. Once stained, water or oil-based polyurethanes can be used because the wood color will already have changed due to the stain.

The highest grade of maple hardwood is Clear or Select. This has the finest grain and least color variations. Grade 2 and 3 will be darker with more knots and wormholes as you move to Grade 3. The grading system does not mean there is any difference in the hardness or durability of the wood, just the appearance. To get an idea of the durability of maple hardwood, it is the most common choice for basketball courts. Clear maple is a good choice for a more modern look, while Grade 2 or 3 are better choices for a farmhouse or more rustic feel.

If you feel maple hardwood flooring is the best choice for you, come to and let us show you the many choices we have available. Then you can enjoy many years of very durable maple wood floors.

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