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Moving? Protect Your Wood Floor with These Steps

Moving into a new home with beautiful hardwood floors? For many, the flooring of a home or apartment is a selling point. You probably fell in love with the flooring in your new home, and want to protect the quality of it. Either that or you remodeled a space and installed your dream floors. During your move, you will likely be lifting heavy furniture, pushing boxes across the floor, and drawing dirt into the space. This can damage flooring, but you can take steps to protect your hardwood floors.

Moving TIps on Hardwood Floor

One option for protecting hardwood floors during your move is masonite. Masonite is a type of hardboard sold in 4 x 8 feet sheets. Lay masonite on your floor and use it as a path for bringing in furniture and boxes. Ram board is another choice for keeping your floors safe from scuffs and dirt. Use a ram board, which is sold in 317 square feet sheets, to lay down on the ground.

You may already be using moving blankets during your move. You can wrap moving blankets around furniture, electronics, and dishes to protect these items in the transportation process. You can also lay these heavy-duty, soft blankets on the floor when it is time to bring furniture and boxes inside your new space.

While you are moving, don’t slide boxes or furniture. Even though sliding is easier, it is unsafe for hardwood floors and can cause permanent damage. You might also want to lay down a mat at the entrance of your home so movers can wipe their feet before entering. This way, minimal dirt will find its way inside your home.

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