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How to Shop for Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring is unique, eye-catching, and can add one-of-a-kind style to your home. While bamboo flooring is similar to traditional hardwood, it has colorways, textures, and grains that are different. This subtle difference can make all the difference in your home, so read on to learn how to shop for bamboo flooring.

A major perk to bamboo flooring is the strength and durability of the material. Place bamboo flooring in your home to withstand heavy use. Another appealing feature of bamboo flooring is that the material is eco-friendly and highly renewable, so the sustainability of the material is helpful for the environment.

Bamboo Flooring for Sale

There are two choices when it comes to bamboo flooring: traditional and stranded. Traditional bamboo flooring is made from horizontally and vertically sliced bamboo poles and pressed together to create sheets. On the other hand, stranded bamboo is made from shredded bamboo poles and pressed together with over 5,000 tons of pressure. Because of this process, shredded bamboo is considered more dense and durable. However, both options are still strong and eye-catching.

When shopping for bamboo flooring, you will notice that the floors come in a variety of textures. Hand scraped or wire-brushed textures help the bamboo flooring to appear more rustic and natural, which can appeal to individuals seeking a tropical or outdoorsy-inspired space. On the other hand, distressed surface textures help the flooring to look aged, ideal for older homes channeling traditional style. If you’re hoping for a modern interior design, smooth finishes are classic and clean in appearance.

At, you can shop for Bamboo Hardwoods, Home Legend Bamboo, Teragren Bamboo, and Wellmade Bamboo flooring. Find the flooring perfect for your home on our website to create the space of your dreams. Shop our inventory with our website or call us at 1-800-689-9006 to learn more about what we have to offer.

Bamboo Floor for Sale | Home Legend, Teragren, Wellmade Flooring

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