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Care for Your Hardwood Floors and Make Them Last!

Hardwood floors are a notable investment, so you want to get the most possible bang for your buck. Maintaining hardwood flooring can extend its life span. When buying new flooring for your home, make it last by following these care tips:

Cleaning Hardwood Floor

Tip #1: Keep your floors dry.

One way to maintain the quality of your hardwood flooring is by keeping it dry. Damp flooring can stain, warp, and even rot. To avoid wet floors, place mats in your home near areas that may collect water, such as your entryway, your bathroom, and your kitchen. Also, instead of mopping, try using detergents to clean your floors.

Tip #2: Be gentle.

Even though hardwood flooring may seem durable and tough, it requires gentle care to maintain its quality. Vacuums and steam cleaners may be a little aggressive for hardwood flooring if used too often. Instead of using these cleaning tools, try a microfiber to pick up dirt and reach those nooks and crannies.

Tip #3: Polish your floors.

Hardwood floor polish can add shine to your flooring, as well as protection. Polished flooring has greater durability, as well as a more attractive appearance. To polish your flooring, remove all of the furniture, give the floors a good cleaning, and apply the polish with an applicator. Once the polish sets, your flooring will look remarkable.

Tip #4: Strip and refinish your flooring.

As your floors age, they may require greater care. If you have old hardwood flooring, consider touching it up by stripping and refinishing it. By doing so, you are breathing new life into the flooring and increasing its ability to withstand heavy traffic. Stripping and refinishing your flooring is easier than it sounds, and can take as little as a day. You can also contact professionals to get the job done if needed.

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