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Go Bold This Spring!

If you’re remodeling your home this spring, go bold! Bold flooring makes a space feel more interesting, exciting, and personal. Learn more about the latest trend in flooring by reading on.

Tigerwood Prefinished Flooring

One of the boldest and exotic types of hardwood flooring is tigerwood flooring. Tigerwood flooring is a South American type of wood, named for its striping and variations in color that loosely resemble a tiger. Tigerwood is bold, versatile, stylish, and sophisticated.

Tigerwood flooring is right at home in any room of your home or commercial space. It can brighten up a living room, add interest to office space, or customize a bedroom. Tigerwood is harvested in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru and is notably hard. If your home has high traffic areas, consider tigerwood for a durable and resistant option.

Tigerwood ranges in color, so you can select an option that is most ideal for the decor in your home. The colors range from more brown toned tans, to more bright-toned burnt oranges. The stripes of the floor can also range in color, with darker tans and even chocolate tones.

Caring for tigerwood flooring isn’t too difficult. As you would for any other type of flooring, you should sweep and vacuum when needed. You should also consider placing a rug over certain areas of the floor to protect it from dirt, debris, and heavy furniture scuffs.

Tigerwood flooring is a top trend this spring, so remodel or redesign your space with this excellent hardwood option. To find tigerwood flooring, visit! Our website is a top destination for flooring for your home or your commercial space. To see our inventory for yourself, visit our website right away! You can also contact us by phone at 800-689-9006 or you can email us at We hope to hear from you soon!

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