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What Everyone Should Know about Selecting Prefinished Wood Flooring

Prefinished wood flooring is a hardwood or other wood which has been pre-sanded, stained, then coated for durability in a controlled factory environment. This creates a durable wood product with excellent finish quality and additional durability due to the consistent factory environment during the coating processes.

Tiete Rosewood Prefinished Hardwood

A major consideration for choosing prefinished flooring is the expected use. Higher traffic areas are good examples of where a hardwood will provide longer life than other woods. Prefinished flooring generally is offered in two types; prefinished solid and prefinished engineered flooring. Solid flooring is precisely that, with the full thickness being the wood of your choice. It can be sanded and refinished again at a later date. Prefinished engineered flooring consists of the top layer of wood and a substrate of an engineered material which can be a wood aggregate combined with a resin binder. Some engineered floors are thick enough to be sanded later, but make sure you know that before you buy.

Prefinished flooring will have a higher initial cost than unfinished floors, but you have to take into account the on-site sanding and finishing required for unfinished flooring for an accurate comparison. Prefinished flooring is ready to install without the on-site finishing steps. Also, make sure your subfloor can accept prefinished floors. Some subfloors, such as concrete, are not good candidates for prefinished solid or engineered flooring which should be nailed into place. offers a wide range of prefinished flooring including:

  • Prefinished exotics such as amendoim, Australian cypress, Brazilian cherry, Brazilian chestnut, Brazilian redwood, Brazilian teak, Patagonian rosewood, royal mahogany, tigerwood, and many more.
  • Prefinished solid woods including maple, hickory, white oak, red oak, and walnut.
  • Prefinished engineered woods including Brazilian cherry or teak, Santos Mahogany, Sapele, hickory, walnut, and much more.

If you are ready to install prefinished wood flooring in your home, contact for the best selection and prices around. Call us at 800-689-9006 or email

Prefnished Hardwood Floors

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