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Best Places to Buy Bulk Hardwood Flooring

best places to buy bulk hardwood floorsBulk hardwood flooring can be found at many different types of retailers. You may want to buy hardwood flooring in bulk because you are reflooring an entire home, you need flooring for many homes, or you are flooring a commercial building. Buying in bulk is the best way to get a good deal on any kind of flooring, and hardwood flooring is no exception.

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There are many different sources for buying hardwood flooring in bulk. The best place for you to buy in bulk depends on what other perks you would desire to have in the buying process. Each place will have its own benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider when buying hardwood flooring in bulk.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

The benefits of buying hardwood flooring in large amounts are many. Obviously, the first is a lower price per square foot. The idea of bulk warehouses has caught on in many different industries, from retail items to food and household items, and hardwood flooring is no different.

If you have a need for a high amount of hardwood flooring, then buying in bulk is one way to save some serious money. Because the retailer is selling at a higher volume, they can offer a lower price per square foot.

the best places to buy some bulk hardwood floorsAnother benefit of buying in bulk is that you will likely have some flooring left over. While this might not seem important now, it will certainly seem like a blessing if some portion of the floor becomes so damaged that it needs to be replaced. If you have the exact same flooring on hand, then you will not have to go through the agonizing task of trying to match a style of stain that is years old.

You also won’t be in danger of running out of the hardwood flooring that you bought, leaving you with floors left to cover. Sometimes, hardwood retailers might not have exactly the same style or stain in stock. In such an instance you would again have to attempt to match the color and design of two unrelated hardwood floors, which is no easy task.

Best Place for a Great Deal

If you are looking for the lowest price on hardwood flooring in bulk, then you should try an online discount retailer. Online discount retailers offer excellent deals for hardwood flooring, hands down. Often, they buy in bulk from the manufacturer, or they buy discontinued stock from other retailers.

While the price of hardwood flooring is great from online sellers, you first need to verify the validity of an online retailer if you have never utilized them before or if they weren’t a recommendation from a trusted source. Research the company, call the phone number, and look for reviews or cautions concerning the online retailer. You can even check out the company with the Better Business Bureau, though the online retailer may be too small to be listed.

You can find really low prices when you buy in bulk from online hardwood flooring retailers.

You might have to search for large amounts if you have a truly gargantuan order, but most online retailers of hardwood flooring will have a bulk price option.

the best places to buy some bulk hardwood flooringAnother source of savings when you use online hardwood flooring retailers is that you generally do not have to pay sales tax. When you are buying hundreds or thousands of dollars in hardwood flooring, savings from not paying a sales tax can really add up.

However, you do have to watch out for shipping and handling fees. If you are buying in bulk, then you are likely having something that weighs hundreds of pounds shipped to your home or job site, which will not be cheap. It can also be costly if you need to send the flooring back due to damage or an incorrect product.

Try to find sales to offset the higher price of shipping, or look for deals on shipping. Furthermore, make sure you find out the company’s policy on returns before you buy. You need to know under what circumstances the online retailer will pay for return shipping or accept returns at all.

It is also important to note that it will take much longer for your flooring to arrive than if you simply purchased it from a local lumber yard.

Best Place to Shop a Sure Thing

Some people are not comfortable with spending large amounts of money with an online retailer, due to the fear of fraud. There are inexpensive options for buying hardwood flooring at a great price for those who don’t want to buy online. If you want a low price on bulk hardwood flooring without having to do research, try a hardwood flooring discount warehouse.

A discount hardwood flooring warehouse will have many different options, and they have rock-bottom prices. You usually will not be able to find as wide a selection of hardwood flooring as at an online retailer, but you can still find quality flooring.

the best places to buy bulk hardwood floorsDiscount hardwood flooring warehouses get stock directly from manufacturers, from hardwood flooring retailers, and other sources. They also generally offer bulk prices for large orders of hardwood flooring.

You will certainly have to pay sales tax when you buy hardwood flooring from a discount warehouse, but you will have the assurance that you will get your product. You may or may not have to pay for delivery–you certainly will not have to pay delivery charges if you have a large enough vehicle to transport a large amount of flooring

Know that discount flooring warehouses likely carry discounted designs and stains, so that it may be difficult to match it in the future. You really need to be sure that the discount warehouse has enough stock for your particular project so that you aren’t left without enough flooring.

However, you will have the advantage of seeing your hardwood flooring in person. You will also have a local source to go to if you have a complaint or other issues.

Best Place to Get Additional Services

For some, price is not the most important factor. They are much more interested in having a quality product and a job well done. The best place to buy bulk hardwood flooring, if you are looking for additional services to go along with your flooring, is a home improvement store.

the best places to buy bulk hardwood flooringHome improvement stores will have a wide selection, the newest offerings, and knowledgeable employees to help you choose your flooring. They also usually offer installation for one flat price, or they can recommend a contractor to install your hardwood flooring. Additionally, all of the other items you might need to install a new hardwood floor are available all in one place.

Just because your bulk hardwood flooring order comes from a home improvement store does not mean that it has to be expensive. You can find sales and discounts on bulk flooring just like with any other retailer, though you certainly will be paying sales tax. You may or may not have to pay shipping charges to have your flooring delivered, though you may be able to find deals on free shipping or reduced installation charges.

Of course, you will find the most accommodating seller in a home improvement store–they want your business for future home projects. You will find that they will be able to quickly and easily fix most errors or rectify any complaints you have.

Browse to Find What You Want

One of the best ways to decide on the exact hardwood flooring for your home is to “window shop” as much as possible. There is a lot that goes into the choice of hardwood flooring.

The World Flooring Covering Association lists at least eight factors that affect your choice of hardwood flooring.

First, you can go online to look at photos, or use decorating magazines and books of rooms with different hardwood flooring types. Using photos of entire rooms will allow you to see exactly how a certain species of hardwood or tint of stain works with furniture, paint color, and trim.

best places to buy some bulk hardwood flooringJust viewing pictures of the boards will not allow you to envision exactly how different flooring will work with your décor and taste. Fortunately, research commissioned by the National Wood Flooring Association resulted in a 96% consensus of interior decorators in favor of hardwood flooring for complimenting most decorating styles.

Then, visit the home improvement stores and the hardwood discount warehouses to view all of the possibilities firsthand. You will have an idea about species, color, and sheen from looking at pictures, but seeing the flooring firsthand will allow you to plan in detail.

Knowing exactly what kind of hardwood flooring you want will save time in your search for a bulk supplier of the flooring. You won’t have to search through page after page or aisle after aisle of different hardwood flooring. After awhile, it all starts to look the same!

The Dalton Built Homes Blog offers a step-by-step FAQ to guide you through the choice process.

Compare Prices for the Best Deal

Once you know exactly what kind of hardwood flooring you want, you can start the comparison process. Comparing prices is the best way to find the fairest price for almost any item, and hardwood flooring works the same way.

Hardwood flooring has many positive points, according to the Timber Merchants Association, so make sure that price remains a positive factor.

best places to buy bulk hardwood flooringCompare prices from all the different retailers, keeping in mind all of the different factors. For instance, if you are not comfortable buying online, then it is useless to compare prices with that sort of retailer. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of sales tax, shipping, and delivery, where applicable. Look for sales and discounts, and certainly remember to compare bulk rate prices.

All that is left to do is to buy, install, and enjoy the true beauty and quality of your hardwood flooring!

Start the search process right away by viewing all of your hardwood flooring options NOW!

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