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How much can you save buying hardwood flooring by the bulk?

how much can you save buying hardwood flooring by the bulkAlthough hardwood flooring may not be the cheapest renovation you can do to a home, it is definitely one of the more beautiful and valuable investments you will make. Not only is investing in hardwood floors a great way to improve your property, by purchasing flooring in bulk you could save some serious money!

Make a great investment and find affordable hardwood flooring for your home NOW!

Due to the durability and classic look of hardwood floors, they are a highly sought-after feature for any home. In addition, because they are much easier to clean and don’t trap dirt and dust, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says that hardwood floors are a healthier option than carpeting. What’s even better is that you don’t have to break the bank to add hardwood flooring to your home, especially if you buy it by the bulk.

Choosing Your Hardwood Flooring

Before you start considering how to go about buying hardwood flooring, you should get up to speed on the different types of floors and what will suit your home best. Generally speaking, there are two types of hardwood floors: engineered and solid wood.

Engineered wood flooring consists of manufactured boards that are made up of several layers and typically have a more resilient type of wood on top.

As a result, this type of wood flooring is extremely stable and is more resistant to moisture and changes in temperature than solid wood flooring. In other words, if you live in a region that is prone to extreme weather or has a lot of rain, engineered wood flooring may be the way to go.

how much you could save buying hardwood flooring by the bulkSolid wood flooring is just like it sounds: The boards are cut from one species of trees and that’s it. Due to the fact that solid wood flooring is comprised of just one type of wood, it can be sanded and refinished more often than engineered wood flooring, which has a thin layer on top. So, if you foresee your floors enduring a lot of traffic, then solid wood flooring may be a better option.

The durability of solid wood floors also depends on the type of tree species from which it’s made. Certain exotic trees, like Brazilian Walnut and Ebony for example, are much harder than domestic woods like Maple or White Pine. The harder a wood is, the more difficult it will be to scratch or dent. You can find out more about the durability of each species by referring to websites like

You can also extend the life of your hardwood floors by buying prefinished wood or applying a finish yourself, which will protect the boards from scratches and moisture. There are several different kinds of finishes; however, one of the most commonly used is oil-based-urethane. Finishes can also alter and enhance the color of your floor.

Due to the fact there are numerous kinds of trees, hardwood flooring comes in various different kinds of colors and grains.

Depending on what your house or property looks like, you may decide that one type of flooring is better suited than another. You can learn more about the various types of hardwood flooring through organizations like the National Wood Flooring Association.

Hardwood Flooring Prices

how much you can save buying hardwood flooring by the bulkThe price of hardwood flooring can vary depending on what type of boards you buy, where you live, or the species of tree with which you decide to go. Remember, while the price per square foot for hardwood floors is often more than other flooring options, they can add plenty of value to your home.

Although there is no significant difference in price between engineered and solid wood flooring, if you elect to go with exotic woods like Cumaru or Brazilian Cherry, you’ll pay much more. Not only are many exotic woods extremely durable and more valuable, but they are not produced in the United States and therefore cost more to ship. Like most products, the price of hardwood flooring can vary from state-to-state, depending on the taxes and whether you live close to the manufacturer.

Hardwood flooring prices also depend on whether you purchase finished boards and what type of finish was used. Although unfinished boards typically cost less per square foot, you will have to spend money on supplies and take the time to finish the floors yourself.

Save by Buying in Bulk

Once you’ve decided on the type of hardwood floors that would be perfect for your property, it’s time to start shopping for the best deals possible. One of the more effective ways to lower the cost of your hardwood floors is to buy the boards in bulk. While it may seem odd to buy more of something as a way to save money, if you can make it work, buying in bulk will leave you with a lot more cash!

how much could you save by buying hardwood flooring by the bulkJust like any other business, the more products you buy, the lower the price per unit. Many hardwood flooring distributors offer great discounts on larger purchases as way to increase sales. For example, a company may offer one type of hardwood flooring at $4.99 per square foot. However, if you buy more than 1,000 square feet, the price could be $4.59 instead. Another discount could kick in once you buy over, say, 1,500 square feet.

Although you may not need this much wood right now, consider whether you could use it in the future on another project. Maybe you own a business that could use new floors in a year or two?

If you have the extra money and storage space to do so, buying in bulk will significantly reduce the cost of the wood overall.

The great thing about hardwood flooring is that it’s extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about it being damaged if it’s stored properly.

Perhaps another floor in your home or summer cottage could also benefit from hardwood flooring? Or maybe you have some friends who are also interested in buying new floors for their property? If you can all agree on the type of wood you want to buy, then you could all stand to save some big money!

Where to Buy Flooring in Bulk

Most hardwood flooring distributors should be happy to sell in bulk, provided they have the necessary stock and shipping the wood isn’t an issue. Of course, it’s a good idea to shop around to find the best prices possible and make sure to ask each business what kind of discounts they offer for bulk orders.

how much could you save buying hardwood flooring by the bulkOne of the most convenient ways to shop for hardwood flooring, however, is by doing it online. By using websites that specialize in hardwood floors you don’t have to waste time driving around from store to store, and you won’t have to deal with any pushy salespeople. More importantly, many online companies have a lower overhead because they don’t have to spend money on showrooms or a large sales team, and they therefore offer much lower prices.

In addition, no matter in which state you live or what time of day it is, you can quickly find great prices for the hardwood floors you want to buy. If you’re concerned that shipping costs might bite into your savings, see if a local business will match the quote as a way to get your business.

Before you buy anything online, make sure the website you’re using is secure. You can also search online or check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the distributor and manufacturer of the floors you’re considering have good reviews.

Measuring How Much You Need

Although if you buy in bulk you’ll likely have a surplus of boards, it’s a still a good idea to measure how much wood you in fact need and go from there.

how much can you save from buying hardwood flooring by the bulkTo figure out what the square footage is for a standard rectangular or square room, take a measuring tape and measure the length of two adjoining walls. Then, take the two numbers and multiply them together to get the square footage. For example, if the room has walls that are 18 feet by 20 feet, then the square footage would be 360.

If your home has a lot of different angles and you’re concerned about getting an accurate measurement, you can find certified hardwood floor experts through organizations like the National Wood Flooring Association.

Other Considerations

While buying in bulk is a great way to save money, there are other things to consider when you purchase hardwood floors. Many types of flooring require an underlayment to be installed underneath, which helps protect and preserve the wood. If the subfloors in your property are rough or coarse, then they could damage your hardwood floors if an underlayment isn’t put in. In addition, an underlayment will prevent any moisture from the ground harming the wood above.

how much can you save by buying hardwood flooring by the bulkBe sure to check with the manufacturer of your hardwood floors to see if and what type of underlayment is required. Not following the manufacturer’s recommendations could shorten the lifespan of your floors and it might also make your warranty null and void.

If you’re not an experienced renovator or aren’t particularly handy with tools, then you should strongly consider hiring professionals to install your floors. While this is an added expense up front, having the floors installed correctly could save you thousands of dollars in repairs over the long run.

Are you excited about the possibility of adding hardwood floors to your home? You can find great and affordable options for flooring right here, right NOW!

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