Where should I look for discount hardwood flooring?

Every educated homeowner knows that hardwood flooring adds value to the home. Hardwood floors are desirable because they are low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and do not trap dust and other allergens the way that carpets can. 

If you wish to increase the value of your home or simply wish to enjoy the benefits hardwood floors offer, you can easily find many options and varieties on the market. You may also find that hardwood floors can be quite expensive to purchase and to install. However, finding discount hardwood flooring is not only possible, it is simple too. Compare flooring and find the best prices with Flooring.org!

Search Online

When most people think of flooring options, they think of showrooms and big box do-it-yourself stores. The fact is, much greater discounts can be achieved by shopping for flooring online.

One of the biggest concerns for those shopping for flooring is that they cannot see items in person. This is why it is important to use a trusted company when shopping for discount hardwood flooring. Search for a company that can send hardwood floor samples and that has an easy return policy, like <a href="www.flooring.org>Flooring.org</a>.

Another concern many customer have is that online stores have no flooring professional to guide them on the right track. The best online flooring companies offer easy assistance without the presence of high pressure salespersons. Shop online at Flooring.org to find an immense number of hardwood floor options along with several methods to contact customer service. This includes live customer service chat sessions, a toll free number for questions, and an email and web form for questions.

Look for Scraps and Remnants

Speak with your local do-it-yourself or flooring store about any hardwood remnants of hardwood flooring specials they may have in stock. These are smaller amounts of hardwood that have been left unpurchased. Remnants are often offered at a steep discount, though it is unlikely that quantities will be available for large spaces. Also, when you purchase remnants, you do not have a wide selection of colors, styles, and materials from which to choose.

It is not uncommon for flooring materials to be left over after a construction job is completed. You may also contact a local home construction company and ask if they sell remnants. These quantities are likely to be very minimal, but could be useful in entryways or other small spaces.

Seek Discontinued Styles

Many stores carry discontinued styles of hardwood floor at deeply discounted prices. As with scraps and remnants, often discontinued styles are only available in limited supply and in limited styles and shades. However, occasionally a large quantity of discontinued hardwood styles can be found, which can sometimes save hundreds of dollars on a project.

The biggest downside to using discontinued items is that they will not be available again. This is a real problem for the homeowner that may eventually need to replace a damaged portion of the floor or wishes to add matching hardwood flooring to other rooms in the house.

Scan the Classified Ads

If time is on your side, the classified ads can be a great friend when it comes to saving money. Some of the best prices come from individuals who are trying to unload purchases that they eventually did not use. Of course, when buying from an individual, you must be willing to give up certain luxuries. You will not be able to choose the amount you purchase or the style of the flooring. You also will have no warranty or return policy. In a nutshell, you can save a lot of money, but that too can come at a price. Here is just an example of how different flooring warranties can save you lots of money!

Another option is to place an ad yourself. Choose entities that offer free ad placement, both online and off, and place a 'wanted' ad for the amount of hardwood flooring you need. If you have specific details in mind, such as the type of wood or the general color or shade, include that information as well. Do not put a price range in your ad, as you may end up spending far less than you originally intended.

Learn How to Bargain Shop

It may go without saying, but those who are interested in getting the best prices have to be willing to go the extra mile when it comes to bargain shopping. This includes paying keen attention to ads and sales cycles of various flooring and do-it-yourself stores. 

Shipping is also an issue when bargain shopping. Online stores sometimes have reduced price or even free shipping offers depending on the amount purchased. Conversely, stores that you visit in person may charge an unadvertised fee for delivery. Make sure you weigh all the pros and cons when bargain shopping for hardwood floor materials.

Adding hardwood floor to a home is an easy and efficient way to improve your home's value and your quality of life. Discount hardwood flooring is attainable and the benefits can be reaped immediately. Shop <a href="www.flooring.org">Flooring.org</a> to see the latest hardwood flooring styles at some of the best prices.
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This article was published on Monday 30 April, 2012.
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