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Top Questions to Ask When Buying Wood Flooring!

Buy Hardwood Floors in IL | Illinois Wood Floor Boards

Installing new floors can be a great investment for your home, ensuring greater resale ability as well as a more comfortable home environment for years to come. Happily, for new consumers, has written an exhaustive review of the most important questions to ask when buying wood flooring.

A first question you should ask yourself is whether solid or engineered wood flooring is right for you, which is usually a question of whether the flooring will be installed above or below ground. Continue reading “Top Questions to Ask When Buying Wood Flooring!” »

Get Our Home Legend Luxury Vinyl This Spring!

Buy Vinyl Flooring in TX | Houston Wood Floor Boards

For beautiful luxury flooring that is both affordable and sustainable, consider vinyl tiles and planks from Home Legend Nu Elements. Available in both residential and commercial applications, this stunning flooring creates the look of natural tile and wood flooring. Continue reading “Get Our Home Legend Luxury Vinyl This Spring!” »

Frequently Asked Questions: Trouble Shooting

VA Hardwood Flooring | Virginia Wood Floor Boards

Hardwood floors are a beautiful flooring option for you home, but what do you do when your floors get scratched or stained? Accidents happen, but after you drop heavy furniture or spill drinks or food, don’t worry. There’s a solution to repair your floors back to their original, stunning quality. Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions: Trouble Shooting” »

The Benefits of Unfinished Engineered Wood!

Florida Unfinished Hardwood Flooring | Sarasota Wood Floor Boards

Considering redoing the flooring in your home but not sure which is the best choice? If you’ve never considered unfinished engineered wood, we’re here to give you an idea of why it’s highly underrated and just might be the perfect option for your home, office, or any other building that needs a bit of a face-lift. Continue reading “The Benefits of Unfinished Engineered Wood!” »

8 Tips For Wood Floor Care From Hardwood Perfect Flooring

NJ Hardwood Floors | Buy Wood Flooring in New Jersey

Deciding on the right flooring for your home is a big decision. You want something that is not only aesthetically appealing but durable as well. Hardwood flooring often meets these criteria and lasts the test of time, if properly taken care of. Continue reading “8 Tips For Wood Floor Care From Hardwood Perfect Flooring” »

Take Advantage of Our Specials! Get Them While They’re Hot!

CA Buy Hardwood Floors | Sacramento Wood Floor Boards

Here at, we are all about offering great wood, vinyl, ceramic, and engineered flooring at the best prices for our customers. We offer an incredible selection of hardwoods for unfinished floor installations, as well as a wide range of pre-finished flooring for easy installation. Continue reading “Take Advantage of Our Specials! Get Them While They’re Hot!” »

Choosing a Wood Floor That is Right For Your Home!

Florida Hardwood Flooring | Orlando Wood Floor Boards

Your home makes a statement about you, your sense of style and taste, so it can be a difficult decision to choose the right flooring. You can always go with tile or carpet, but a fine hardwood floor is an excellent choice. Keep in mind that the word “hardwood” encompasses a range of products, so let’s review them.

Continue reading “Choosing a Wood Floor That is Right For Your Home!” »

The Difference between Red and White Oak

Atlanta Oak Floor | Georgia Compare Hardwood Flooring

Deciding on your flooring shouldn’t be too stressful! That’s why we guide you along the way and give you the information you need to make the best possible choices for your flooring project. Often, the most popular types of wood, like oak, have different options to choose from. With oak, you have the option of red or white. So what is the difference between Red and white Oak? Continue reading “The Difference between Red and White Oak” »

How to Prevent Pet Damage to Hardwood Floors!

California Floor Care | San Jose Hardwood Flooring

It’s an all-too-common question among homeowners: can my indoor pets and hardwood flooring peacefully coexist? The answer is yes! We all love our beloved furry friends. But when our beautiful hardwood floors are hit by these four-legged attackers, that love can be put to the test. Nail damage, potty-training accidents, spilled water dishes – it all wreaks havoc on hardwoods. The good news is that pet damage to hardwood floors doesn’t have to be inevitable, or permanent. We’ve got a few helpful tips to ensure your indoor pets and hardwood floors can live together in perfect harmony. Continue reading “How to Prevent Pet Damage to Hardwood Floors!” »

The differenece between Hardwood Floors vs. Carpets and Tiles

FL Hardwood Flooring | Florida Wood Floors

Many people love the aesthetic beauty of hardwood floors and would choose them for that reason alone. Others may not see that as a clear advantage and will choose carpets or tiles instead. There are other reasons besides looks why hardwood should be your first choice for new flooring. Continue reading “The differenece between Hardwood Floors vs. Carpets and Tiles” »