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Protecting Your Floors During the Holidays

If you’ve just had a hardwood floor installed, chances are you’re already enjoying it. Hardwood flooring not only significantly elevates the style and aesthetic of any home, but experts have even attested that hardwood can also significantly improve air quality. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, you might be thinking about how impressed your house guests will be with your new flooring. However, keeping it protected during this busy time of year is imperative when it comes to ensuring your floor’s longevity. Not to worry, there are multiple ways to protect your newly installed hardwood floor from the holiday ordeal.

Christmas Wood Floor

Not just during the holidays but all year, your floor has a lot of traffic from humans and pets. This is one of the most common issues facing any hardwood floor owner, as it’s the most common cause of wear and tear. One of the best ways to reduce heavy traffic damage is by placing some strategically placed rugs where people walk the most. Encouraging others not to wear shoes in certain areas is also recommended. Another common cause of wear and tear and scratches comes from where you place your furniture. These can be avoided by placing felt tips on the legs of heavy items such as tables, sofas, and chairs.

One aspect about the holidays and the rest of the year, for that matter, is the spills and accidents that are bound to occur. Hardwood requires minimal upkeep, but moisture is
the natural adversary of hardwood. It’s important to remain diligent about the various spills that can occur, like that drink that tips over the excess water that accumulates around the holiday tree.

Another method that can help preserve your hardwood floor’s longevity is treating it before the holiday season begins. It’s a great preventative measure that will greatly help you in the long run. Treatments can be done professionally or DIY, and they can help the finish of your hardwood floor stay strong throughout the year.

As you can probably ascertain from our title, here at, we’re the experts when it comes to all things related to flooring. Getting that hardwood floor installed can be the best way to transform your house into a dream home. For more information, visit us online or give us a call at 800-689-9006.

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