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WE Cork Timeless Collection Tiles Baroque Castle

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Additional information

Weight 1.70 lbs
Min order bundle(s) / carton(s)


Square Feet Per Bundle / cartons



17 1/2"




24 Inches Long

Install Method

Floating Installation

Milling Profile

Tongue & Groove


Greenshield Aluminum Oxide Finish

Construction Type

Cork Flooring


20 Year Residential/5 Year Light Commercial



Edge Profile

Microbeveled Edges/Ends


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Name Description
Reducer - WE Cork - 78"
  $42.51Buy Now
Stair Nosing - WE Cork - 78"
  $48.83Buy Now
Quarter Round - WE Cork - 78"
  $22.31Buy Now
Threshold - WE Cork - 78"
  $42.51Buy Now
T-Molding - WE Cork - 78"
  $42.51Buy Now

Underlayment & Padding

Name Description
Sound Guard Premium Acoustic Underlayment with Moisture Barrier & Self Adhesive Tape
100 Square Foot roll of Sound Guard pad, a 3mm thick premium acoustic underlayment for all laminate and floating wood flooring products. This floor padding cannot be beat dollar for dollar compared to all other acoustical underlay material for floating floors. SoundGuard can be used with any floating laminate, floating wood floor, floating bamboo, or floating cork floor. When you buy Sound Guard underlayment you are getting less foot-fall noise at a lower price than with any other floating floor underlayment on the market. And with it's self-adhesive lip and tape, you save time and money during installation, without the need to purchase and apply tape to the seems. Because of it's built-in moisture barrier, SoundGuard does not require the use of any additional moisture barriers to be used in conjunction, such as sheet plastic, visqueen, etc. SoundGuard is a moisture barrier and floating floor underlayment/padding in one! Here are some astounding statistics about Sound Guard from a third-party laboratory: *The highest American-Certified test ratings in both the Impact Insulation Class (IIC) and the Sound Transmission Class (STC). *American IIC Rating = 71 & American STC Rating = 67 *International IIC Rating = 87 & International STC Rating = 83 *Unique Anti-microbial black rubber construction with 100% sealed cell structure *Completely waterproof when the attached self-adhesive lip and tape are used properly 3mm thickness $69.00Buy Now
WE Cork Timeless Collection Tiles Baroque Castle