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Can You Store Laminate & Vinyl Flooring in Your Garage?

Here at, we get asked a lot of questions about home improvement products. People ask us about which materials are best for their homes and fit within the confines of their budget. Because many of our customers enjoy undertaking DIY projects, we sometimes refer them to our selection of laminate and vinyl flooring. Both are reasonably durable and can be purchased at an agreeable price. Purchasing the materials in bulk before an installation is a great way to start any project. However, one question that many poor customers don’t ask is whether or not they can store these materials in their garage. This is an important thing to know, and we’ve decided to answer it as best we can.

Can You Store Laminate & Vinyl Flooring in Your Garage


There are a few factors that you should consider before storing any flooring metals in your garage. First and foremost, you should think about how long they’re going to be there before you start installation. This is especially true if it’s during the summer months. Heat and moisture, which are both very harmful to all flooring materials, are prevalent during the summer months. If you live in an area with a humid climate, laminate and vinyl can warp and expand. So, if you do decide to store them in your garage, it’s best to only do so for a short time.

Potential Damage

Many of our customers assume that flooring materials are only susceptible to damage after they’re installed and subjected to spills, accidents, and foot traffic. While these can all hinder the appearance of your floors, the materials that your flooring is made from are actually more vulnerable before installation. Storing the materials in the garage means that chemicals, vermin, dust, and debris can all cause potential damage. Therefore, it’s generally a good idea not to let them sit too long.

A Better Location

If you need to store your flooring materials for a decent length of time, we recommend that you choose a location where the temperature can be regulated and they can be kept away from potential hazards. A closet or spare room is sometimes your best option.

If you’re thinking about updating the flooring in your home, we’re here to help. From the best materials and answers to all of your questions and concerns, we’re the experts that you can trust. Visit us online or give our team a call today at 800-689-9006.

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