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Bamboo: A Durable Material for a Kitchen

Found predominantly in Asia and South America, bamboo is one of the strongest and most durable woods you’ll ever come across. After all, many structures made from the tree are still in service and usable even after several years of being built. If you’re considering upgrading your home’s kitchen and installing a new floor, you might want to consider bamboo. Whether you’ve been thinking about it or you’re already planning on doing so, you’ll want to read on. You’ll find this information quite useful.

Water Resistant

Any contractor or construction worker will tell you that moisture and hardwood flooring don’t typically get along with one another. And while water can still have an adverse effect on bamboo, it’s able to resist it for longer periods of time. Huts made in the jungle from the bamboo tree can withstand monsoons and heavy rainfall. While you’ll want to keep water off of the floor, one made from bamboo can last for a considerable length of time.


There’s no denying that the kitchen in any home can get quite messy from time to time. During any home renovation, it’s important to take this under consideration, in particular the kitchen. Luckily a bamboo floor is rather easy to keep clean. A broom and dustpan can be effective. While it’s advised that you don’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning your bamboo floor, ph-neutral products are fine to use. Products with high acidity can deteriorate the surface.


In this article, we’ve made mentions of how strong bamboo is. And when it comes to your kitchen, it’s one of the best choices regarding materials. Considering the amount of foot traffic and spills that are bound to happen, bamboo is quite possibly the best option. It has immense durability and won’t bend and buckle. It’s also important to remember that bamboo, like all hardwood flooring, might cost a little more than other materials. Therefore, it’s important to think of a bamboo floor as a long-term investment.

Increased Value

Another advantage of a bamboo floor is that it can increase your home’s property value. Much like other high-quality materials, bamboo is an attractive incentive to prospective buyers if you ever decide to sell your home. And when it comes to value, you’ll love the selection of products at We specialize in all things related to flooring and have helped thousands achieve their goals of turning their house into a home.

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