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Can I Steam Clean My Hardwood Flooring?

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When you invest in hardwood flooring for your home, you want to keep your floors looking like new for as long as possible. However, selecting the perfect cleaning method for your flooring can be confusing. How do you know which cleaning methods are the most effective and safe for your flooring? In this blog post we will answer the popular question, “can I steam clean my hardwood flooring?”

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There are many steam cleaners on the market designed for flooring. While many of these cleaners claim to be safe for hardwood floors, this isn’t always the case. Hardwood is a naturally absorbent material, meaning exposure to water can plump, warp, twist and mold your hardwood flooring. Because steam cleaners use heated water to clean surfaces, this can cause a problem for hardwood.

According to The Spruce, “(t)here are no major hardwood providers who recommend the use of these (steam cleaners) on their materials.” Both the National Wood Floor Association and The World Floor Covering Association released warnings explaining that their hardwood flooring can experience water damage via this cleaning method.

If you do decide to steam clean your hardwood floor, pay close attention to the behavior of water interacting with your floors. If water drips from your steam cleaner and beads on the surface, this is a good sign. However, if the water absorbs into the flooring, you should stop using this method and consider a thicker or more durable finish on your flooring.

Now that you know about the potential harm of steam cleaning your hardwood flooring, you are ready to start shopping for flooring for your home. Visit us at to shop for an outstanding and affordable selection of hardwood floors. We have unfinished flooring, prefinished flooring, parquet flooring and so much more for you to choose from. Enjoy shopping through our extensive flooring selection at today!

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