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How To Refinish Hardwood Flooring

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The floors of our homes and businesses have the power to set the tone of any room. When we think of hardwood flooring, warmth, comfort, and a timeless aesthetic all come to mind. In order to maintain that sense of put-togetherness, it’s sometimes necessary to perform maintenance on our flooring. It can be as simple as cleaning and polishing, but other times refinishing may be necessary to restore wood floors to their original glory. Though it may seem like a daunting task only to be performed by professionals, there is an option to work on themselves yourself if you feel you’re up for the task.

prefinished hardwood floors

Here at, we’ve created a quick and easy how-to guide to walk you through the process of refinishing your floors whether you’re tackling the job yourself or are looking to hire a professional. Not only will it save you time, but you’re able to do it whenever it is most convenient for you and at your own pace. Professionals typically charge $3 -5 per square foot to refinish a floor. If you’re in need of services for an entire office space or home, that can add up quickly. However, if you decide to do it yourself, you’ll likely have to rent a solid wood sanding machine, and that can cost about $200 a day.

First things first, the floors need to be cleaned. No dust or debris should be left behind, and mopping afterward is vital. In order to remove the top layer of flooring with all the damage, you’ll need to use a walk behind solid wood sander. The sender must be moved across all floor surfaces at a slow and steady pace. Small hand grinders will also be necessary to reach corners and small spaces. Irreparable damage can be done to floors during this phase, so if you’re not comfortable working the machinery, a professional may be necessary.

Most of the dust produced will be sucked up by the floor sanders, but it is important to clean up again with a damp cloth. Avoid letting water sit or pool, as the wood can rot now that the top protective layer has been removed. You want to get every piece of dust and debris off the floor before moving on to the next step.

Now, it’s time to choose between stain and paint. Stains are the more standard option for those refinishing wood floors and require brushing one or two coats of a liquid stain onto the wood. This will slightly alter the coloring and enhance all the detailing. You can also choose to paint your floor, which will eliminate the appearance of actual wood altogether.

If you’re looking to replace the flooring in your home, has a wide variety of both finished and unfinished flooring options that can be perfectly customized to suit your home or business needs! Feel free to get in touch with us today for pricing and more information.

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