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4 Reasons to Choose Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

FL Red Oak Flooring | Florida Wood Floor Boards

You are ready for a change or maybe ready to finally select the flooring for your new home. Selecting the flooring is a big decision because it is the base of your home’s interior design and creates an overall feeling when you step inside. So you want to not only choose wisely but choose quality and cost effective flooring that will stand the test of time. With an overwhelming list of possibilities, knows quite a bit about the quality of a hardwood floor selection. With options like hickory, cherry, maple, pine and even walnut; it is easy for your head to start spinning. That’s where steps in with one of our top hardwood flooring suggestions. Red oak hardwood flooring comes highly recommended and we have 4 reasons why we recommend red oak flooring for your flooring project.

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1.The Overall Aesthetic: Red oak hardwood is gorgeous and would add a timeless style to any home that cohesively blends well with any personal style. Red oak is on the lighter side of colors with brown and red tones but can be stained if you would like a different color or tone.

2. Pass the Test of Time: Red oak flooring will last! If you keep your red oak maintained properly and sand and refinish if necessary; you will have a flooring to last a lifetime. It is tough and durable, which is what you ultimately want in hardwood flooring.

3. Most Requested Flooring: The red oak species is the highest requested flooring in North America and is used as a standard for all other flooring species to be compared to. This is a testament to its quality and longevity that you are sure to appreciate.

4. Cost Effective: Because Red oak is domestically grown in the United States, it can be more conveniently priced for our customers. Sticking with a native hardwood flooring will be more budget friendly than other types that get imported.

As your #1 source for ALL things flooring, has numerous selections of red oak flooring. From various cuts and lengths to prefinished red oak, we have quality flooring for the best possible price. Plus, we will be your guide from beginning to end with helpful guidance whether you are a handy DIY person or will be contracting out. Quality, durable and cost effective hardwood flooring all begins at Browse our selections of red oak flooring on our website and order your selection of red oak flooring today!

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