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Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2016

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Flooring can be as diverse and individualized as its many owners. You can go with wood, tile, bamboo, or any combination of them. Even carpet may have its place in some homes. But year after year, hardwood continues to top the list of preferred flooring materials. Its timeless elegance, durability, and ease of later refinishing makes it an excellent choice for most flooring applications. That trend continues in 2016.

Illinois business hardwood flooring

Saying “wood” when it comes to flooring is like saying “car” when describing a vehicle you own. There’s a wealth of options out there, and the trends in wood flooring for 2016 fall into distinct categories, so let’s discuss them.

Exotic hardwoods: Exotic hardwood flooring gives an owner a chance to add distinctive grains and colors into their decorating choices. Exotics are known for unusual grain patterns not seen in domestic hardwoods. Prices can be higher than a domestic wood floor, but many owners are looking to upscale their floors as they renovate or upgrade their homes. When buying exotic hardwoods, remember that some sources use non-sustainable wood that results in deforestation and loss of an exotic species. Use wood that bears the logos of the Forest Stewardship Council or Sustainable Forestry Initiative. These ensure you are using an ethical source of sustainable exotic hardwood.

Vintage flooring: Vintage is another term that encompasses a wide range of flooring styles. If you are lucky, you can find a barn to recycle into flooring for your home. More realistically, you can find dealers who sell recycled wood flooring. The downside is that prices have been rising due to the popularity of recycled wood flooring and its relative scarcity. But don’t panic, because you have other options.

For a lower cost option, you can use machine-distressed flooring. It will give you a vintage old wood look without the high cost of using real vintage wood. Manufacturing methods will ensure a consistent quality of floor at a reasonable cost.

An intermediate cost option is hand-scraped flooring. Whether done by hand or machine, installed costs typically fall between reclaimed wood and distressed flooring. The hand scraping technique imparts scrape and tool marks to simulate vintage wood. It’s a nice traditional look for many homes.

The last option in the vintage wood class is wide plank flooring. This simulates old wide planks used in barns and buildings and then reclaimed into flooring. Any flooring wider than the standard 5-inch width is normally considered wide planks. Keep in mind that wider boards can be more susceptible to warping due to temperature or humidity changes, so consider other options if you expect environmental variations in your living spaces.

Engineered flooring: Engineered flooring, where a veneer of hardwood in permanently mated to a wood composition substrate, continues to be popular. The many styles and finishes make it easy for owners to find a floor they like. Keep in mind that most engineered floors can accept little or no refinishing, so if you have high traffic areas that can wear out, you may wish to consider another type of floor there.

Other trends: Although not hardwood, bamboo and cork are the standard for environmentally sensitive and sustainable flooring. Although both can be purchased in a variety of colors, they tend to lighter shades that also show favor by buyers in 2016. If you don’t need a traditional dark floor, bamboo and cork may be just the thing for you. Keep in mind that neither can be refinished later, but they are very durable and long-lasting.

Site-finished floors are becoming more popular, despite the fact more labor is involved. An unfinished floor that is sanded and finished on-site can be given an exceptionally smooth finish favored by many owners. It might also be easier to match on-site woodwork or cabinetry than using a pre-finished floor.

Colors are so varied it might be hard to say what denotes a trend, but grays, dark browns, and black finishes seem to be more popular than in years past. On the other hand, many owners are getting away from the traditional dark floor and going for very light or blond flooring tones.

Whether or not you follow trends in flooring, here at we can satisfy your craving for new floors. Hardwoods, engineered, bamboo, cork, tile, and many other choices are simply a click or a phone call away. We have lots of expertise in flooring and can help you choose the best flooring for your needs and budget. Check us out today at, our name is our web address.

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