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Prep Your Hardwood Floors for the Holiday Season

The holidays are here again, and you may not be thinking about throwing a huge party right now, but we are. In fact, whether you are having a holiday party for a few people, or a huge feast for Christmas or New Year’s, have you thought about your floors? Whether your hardwood floors are fairly new or several decades old, you need to make sure they look their best over the holidays. Here’s some information about preparing your floors for the holidays.

Christmas Tree and Wood Flooring

Preparing for the Season

Your first step towards readying your hardwood floors is to keep them clean. Be sure that you are sweeping and dusting them regularly. If you wet mop your floors, be sure that you aren’t damaging them. The more dust you clean off your hardwood floors, the less likely they are to be scratched.

If someone spills liquid on your floor, clean it up immediately. That’s because liquid spills can warp and damage your hardwood floors. If you have children or dogs, you may want to use rugs or mats on your floors to protect them from damage.

Above all, protect your floors from scratches. That means don’t move your furniture without pads or completely lifting it off the floor. Also, be sure that your pet’s nails are clipped so that they don’t scratch the floor. Once your floors are damaged, it is difficult to repair them. If you have a shallow scratch, you need to look up products to fix shallow scratches, which you can find at many big box stores.

When you need to get a new look for the holidays, why not give a call at 800-689-9006, or you can also visit our website and order online at

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