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6 Species of Hardwood to Add to Your Home in 2021

If you are looking for a way to add some beauty, color and space to your home, hardwood represents a wonderful way to do that. Many people think about only one type of hardwood flooring, however, there are many types of hardwood flooring you can choose from. Here is information on six different types of hardwood flooring that are popular with our customers.

Engineered Cantal Oak

Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

One of the most popular types of flooring is oak. Oak flooring is one of the most durable types of hardwood floors available. They are resistant to scratches or scuff, which makes them perfect for many homes. Oak flooring is also smooth, which means you won’t need to put area rugs down to hide the rough spots.

Mahogany is usually not everyone’s choice for a flooring option, largely because of the price. Mahogany flooring can be expensive. However, mahogany is just as durable and smooth as oak. There’s also an added advantage to mahogany flooring. It is water resistant, which makes them a great choice for your kitchen or bathroom, where floors tend to get wetter than in any other area of your house.

Often, people who live in the northern areas of the United States already know about ash flooring, but it may not be as recognizable to Southerners. Ash is an extremely dense, hard wood, which makes it a great choice for hardwood floors in your home. One drawback to ash is that it is light colored, so you need to make sure it fits with your color scheme.

Hickory is another hardwood choice you may want to think about. Like ash, it is very hard and durable. However, like ash, hickory wood is lighter than other woods in this list, so make sure it is the right color for you.

Pine is a great choice for some homes, because it is softer than other hardwood choices. However, because it is softer, it is not as durable, and is prone to scuffs and scratching.

You may also want to think about maple flooring. While it is a very hard flooring, it is not a lightly colored as ash or hickory.

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