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Laminate Wood is a Fantastic Durable Option

Laminate wood flooring is a wonderful option for your home. suggests that consumers look into selecting laminate wood flooring due to the benefits it provides. Although it mimics the look of actual wood, it does not need the attention that real wood demands to maintain its beauty. A few of the perks it offers is that it is strong, reasonably priced, and available in an impressive spectrum of styles.

Mannington Laminate Restoration Wide Plank

The average lifespan of laminate wood flooring depends upon the amount of wear and tear from everyday usage in a particular room. Essentially, your flooring will last anywhere from 10 to 30 years based on its foot-traffic. The grade of the material is taken into consideration as well.

What could be better than the appearance and even the sound of real wood minus the expense? Laminate has many finishes from which you can make your selection. Whether your personal preference is high-gloss, whitewashed, embossed, or any of the other marvelous finishes, the choice is all yours! You can have spectacular flooring without breaking the bank!

Walking on laminate flooring is more comfortable than it was in the past. The material is constructed with a slight flexibility to it. It also has some grip-ability to the texture making it much less slippery.

Laminate is ideal for rooms that contain apparatus for water such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. It does not damage as easily as real wood when coming into contact with water. As long as an underfelt is installed beneath the planks, the laminate is protected from marginally wet and moisture-inclined areas. Plus, water will not cause the warping of laminate to the degree of actual wood.

Noise can be reduced significantly by the presence of an underfelt. It acts as a cushion, lessening clatter resulting from two opposing facets as well as other noises such as squeaks and echoes.

Another fantastic feature about laminate wood flooring is that it resists most scuffs, scratches, and stains. This is very desirable for homes that have children, pets, and/or endure a lot of traffic on a regular basis.

Kindly visit and browse our stunning choices of laminate wood flooring. We supply seemingly endless styles, finishes, color schemes, and designs for even the choosiest of patrons. We offer extraordinary products at affordable prices. Please feel free to contact us at 800-689-9006. It is our pleasure furnishing you with all your flooring needs.

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