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8 Factors to Consider When Buying Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Once you’ve decided that hardwood floors are the way to go for your home, there are a few more things you must consider. To make sure you’re picking the perfect flooring for your home, here are eight factors to consider:

First, solid hardwood vs. engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood flooring is flooring made from a single piece of hardwood, cut into planks or strips. Solid hardwood is heavier and more expensive than engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is made from a piece of wood, with plywood on the bottom. Engineered hardwood flooring is more suitable for rooms that may be exposed to moisture because of the plywood bottom. If you want to refinish your flooring, solid hardwood is a good pick because it can be refinished several times, while engineered hardwood cannot.

Next, prefinished or site-finished. Hardwood flooring needs to be finished in order to withstand use. You can pick from prefinished hardwood, which is finished at the time of purchase, or you can select site-finished, which is finished during the installation process. Pre-finished floors are easier because they require less steps to install, but site-finished hardwood allows you to be more involved in the customization process.

Hardwood flooring comes in countless colors. You can shop from natural or stained floors to get the perfect color for your home. Decide if you want a natural look or a stained look before settling on a hardwood flooring option.

Hardwood Flooring in Living Room

The length, width, and thickness of your planks are more significant than you may realize. Wide and long planks can make a space feel larger, but these planks are more difficult to install. Additionally, the thicker a plank, the more opportunities for pre-finishing.

Next, consider your lifestyle. How much traffic will be flowing through your home? The more traffic, the stronger your hardwood needs to be.

The next thing to consider when selecting hardwood flooring is the decor of your space. What style is your home? If you’re going for something rustic, pick flooring to match. If you’re leaning more towards a modern feel, opt for a more modern hardwood flooring option.

The price must be right when selecting hardwood flooring for your home. Hardwood prices can range from easily affordable to extremely expensive. Consider your budget before you start shopping to make sure you stay within your price range.

No matter what type of flooring you pick, you should consider getting professional help. Installing hardwood isn’t always easy, but a professional can make the process quick and trustworthy.

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