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Comparing Linoleum and Vinyl Flooring

Buy Vinyl Flooring | Laminate Vs Hardwood Floor

Busy homes need durable flooring, and carpet may not cut it in high-wear areas. At the same time, many homeowners can’t afford or don’t want hardwood or engineered flooring. So they start looking at linoleum and vinyl flooring, but don’t understand the similarities or differences. Let’s look at these two flooring types and compare them.

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How they are produced — Linoleum is produced by combining linseed oil with solid fillers such as cork or wood dust. Vinyl is produced by combining synthetic materials including polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.

Ongoing maintenance — Cleaning and maintenance are similar to the two products, but linoleum requires a sealing coat when installing because unsealed linoleum is not waterproof and can be damaged by liquid spills. Vinyl flooring is chemically waterproof, so no sealing step is required.

Appearance and effects of time — Linoleum flooring have an appearance that is unique to the product, and over time will take on different colors and patterns with the natural wear and tear which occurs on all floors. Vinyl is typically manufactured to mimic other products, such as hardwood floors, and wear won’t create any positive changes in the look.

In summary, if you are looking for a natural product that takes on a unique character over the years, linoleum flooring may be your best choice. If ease of maintenance using a man-made product is preferred, then vinyl flooring may be your best bet.

Regardless of your choice, come to first to have access to a wide selection of flooring materials. We have a huge selection of vinyl flooring materials, as well has hardwoods floors, engineered flooring, and renewable materials such as bamboo and cork. We have excellent prices and a knowledgeable staff who can help answer all your questions about choosing the right flooring for your needs.

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