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5 Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors may not be as easy to maintain as you think. Hardwood flooring requires attention to detail, so be sure you’re meticulously caring for your flooring. To keep your hardwood floors looking polished, clean and like new, check out the following information provided by Reader’s Digest. The guide below contains five tips for cleaning hardwood floors.

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  1. Vacuum every week
  2. Believe it or not, dust contains fine grit that acts like sandpaper on hardwood flooring. This dust can wear through your floor’s finish, so be sure to perform a good vacuuming every week to protect your floors and keep them clean.

  3. Keep rain away
  4. Water is damaging to hardwood flooring, so, if rain is in the forecast, keep your windows closed. Accidentally keeping your windows open, or allowing moisture to come in contact with your hardwood flooring, can damage your floors. You should also be sure you have trays under potted houseplants, and wipe up any water that may drip on your flooring right away.

  5. Use no-wax wood floor cleaner
  6. If residue accumulates on your flooring, keep a no-wax cleaner on hand. Liquid-based cleaners are damaging to hardwood, but wiping up spills, dirt and debris with a no-wax cleaner right away can protect your flooring from damage.

  7. Know waxing rules
  8. It is possible to rejuvenate wax finished floors with more wax, but know that you should never use wax on shellac, varnish or polyurethane surfaces. These floors will become far too slippery, and the wax will interfere with the finish of the flooring.

  9. Use an extra doormat, furniture pads and area rugs
  10. Family, friends and guests should remove their shoes when walking on your hardwood floors to prevent water, dirt and salt damage. A great way to prevent this damage from occurring is having an indoor doormat, which guests can remove their shoes on. Furniture pads can also come in handy to keep your hardwood floor’s finish from wearing under the heavy legs of couches and tables. Finally, area rugs can keep your floor save in high traffic areas, such as living rooms or playrooms.

Now that you know how to care for your home’s flooring, consider purchasing hardwood floors from We have a wide range of flooring that can save you hundreds when you buy, so check out our website today!

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