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6″ x 18″ Select & Better Unfinished Hickory Engineered Herringbone Flooring

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Here is the 5/8″ x 6″ Engineered Select & Better Hickory Herringbone flooring. This Unfinished Hardwood is 18″ long with Double End Groove milling on the ends and Tongue & Groove milling on the sides. Our quality manufacturers create this product in the USA to have a 4mm Wear Layer for durability.

Additional information

Weight 3.00 lbs
Min order bundle(s) / carton(s)


Square Feet Per Bundle / cartons








Install Method

Glue, Nail, or Staple

Milling Profile





Select & Better

Wood Specie


Construction Type

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Country Of Origin

Made in USA

Janka Hardness Rating


Lead Time

Please Allow 3 – 4 Weeks for Manufacturing

Wear Layer Thickness

4mm Wear Layer



Edge Profile

Square Edges & Ends


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Unfinished Hickory Transition Strips & Moldings

Name Description
Unfinished Hickory Quarter Round
3/4" x 3/4" x 94" Long - This Unfinished Hickory Quarter Round molding can be used where your hickory flooring meets your baseboard, cabinetry, or a variety of other vertical surfaces.

Each 8 foot long piece of unfinished hickory quarter round is made from a single piece of solid hickory hardwood. This is full-sized quarter round that is 3/4 inch high and 3/4 inch wide.

$9.74Buy Now
Unfinished Hickory Baby Threshold
94 Inch Long and 2" Wide - This Hickory Baby Threshold can be used where your hickory floors meet up to carpet, sliding glass door tracks, front-entry door threshold, and a variety of other situations.

This unfinished hickory Baby Threshold transition molding is sold in 8 foot long pieces. Each piece of this baby threshold is manufactured from one single piece of solid hickory hardwood.
$21.90Buy Now
Unfinished Hickory Shoe Molding
1/2" Wide x 3/4" High x 94" Long - This Unfinished Hickory Shoe Molding is used where your hardwood flooring meets up to wall-base, cabinetry, or any other vertical rise.

This shoe molding is made from solid hickory hardwood. Each piece is 1/2" wide x 3/4" high x 8 feet long.

Shoe Molding is very similar to Quarter Round both in it's appearance, and it's uses. The only difference is that Quarter Round is always just as wide as it is high, whereas Shoe Molding is always a little bit narrower than it is high. For example, a typical Quarter Round molding is 3/4" wide and 3/4" high. This Shoe Molding is also 3/4" high, but only 1/2" wide. Many people prefer the Shoe Molding because it is a little smaller and less invasive, while others prefer the Quarter Round molding because it is larger, and therefore is more forgiving if larger gaps are left between the flooring planks and the wall-base during installation of the floors.

$8.84Buy Now
Unfinished Hickory T Molding
94" Long and 2" Wide - Use this Hickory T-Molding wherever your hickory flooring meets up to another hardwood floor, or any other hard-surface flooring of the same height/thickness. In other words, use a T Molding to transition between two hard-surface floors that meet up to each other evenly.

Each piece of this unfinished hickory T Mold transition strip is 8 feet long. You can stain this hickory t-mold any color you want, or you can just finish it natural.

$19.80Buy Now


Name Description
Unfinished Hickory Reducer Strip 5/8"
5/8" Thick x 2 1/4" Wide x 94" Long - Use this Unfinished Hickory Reducer Strip to transition your hickory flooring down to thin floors like vinyl, linoleum, LVT, and other types of very thin flooring materials.

All of our hickory transition strips and moldings, including this Reducer Strip, are made from solid hardwood.

This unfinished hickory reducer is 5/8" thick at it's highest point, and reduces down to approximately 1/8" at it's narrowest point. The side that is 5/8" thick features a groove that is designed to receive the groove of your hardwood flooring material, or spline that can be used to create a tongue if one is not present at the area where the Reducer is required.

$24.60Buy Now
Unfinished Hickory Stair Nosing - 5/8" x 5 1/2"
94" Long and 5 1/2" Wide for use with 5/8" Thick Flooring - Use this 5 1/2" Wide Unfinished Hickory Stair Nosing, also known as Landing Tread, on steps and any other place where your hardwood will approach the edge of a step up or a step down.

The front nose is 1 Inch thick, and features a bullnose (half round) all the way across the front. The opposite side of the stair nosing has a groove to receive the tongue of your hardwood flooring.

$54.20Buy Now
Unfinished Hickory Stair Nosing - 5/8" x 3 1/2"
3 1/2" Wide x 94" Long - This Unfinished Hickory Stair Nosing can be used wherever your hickory flooring approaches a step down, such as the edge of a stair landing, loft, and the front of each step of your staircase.

This unfinished hickory stair nosing is made up of one single piece of solid hardwood. The stairnosing is 5/8" thick at the back where it meets up to the hardwood flooring, and the front edge is 1 1/16" thick and features a bull-nosed edge all the way across.

$41.90Buy Now
6″ x 18″ Select & Better Unfinished Hickory Engineered Herringbone Flooring