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6″ Select Ash Unfinished Solid Flooring

Original price was: $7.59.Current price is: $6.99. sq. ft.

Sale Ends On 08/30/2024
Product Price


This is our 3/4″ x 6″ Unfinished Ash Hardwood. We offer this naturally beautiful Select & Better Solid wood in random lengths of 1 to 7 feet. Ash has a open and dramatic grain much like Oak, but is harder than Red Oak. Because this product is unfinished you have the ability to stain the floor to be the exact color you desire.

Call 1-800-689-9006 to check stock and lead time on this wood.

Additional information

Weight 2.80 lbs
Min order bundle(s) / carton(s)


Square Feet Per Bundle / cartons







Random Lengths from 1 to 7 Feet

Install Method

Nail Down or Staple Down

Milling Profile

Tongue & Groove




Select & Better

Wood Specie


Construction Type

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Country Of Origin

Made in USA

Janka Hardness Rating


Minimum Length


Maximum Length


Lead Time

Please Allow 1 – 2 Weeks For Manufacturing



Edge Profile

Square Edges & Ends


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Ash Transition Moldings

Name Description
Ash 5 1/2" Stair Nose
Stair Nosing finishes your hardwood floor when it ends on the top edge of your staircase. Using this our Ash 5 1/2" Stair Nose leaves your coordinating Ash hardwood flooring look sleek and complete. This piece has cutting on the back side of it for the purpose of receiving most Tongue milling on your hardwood floors. This Tongue & Groove fit offers durability for this high traffic area.
$69.90Buy Now
Ash Quarter Round
We offer an Ash Quarter Round to complete your Ash hardwood project. A Quarter Round is a 3/4" x 3/4" molding designed to create a subtle transition between the wall base or cabinetry and the floor. This feature adds a beautiful finish to your space. See our menus below to choose between prefinished and unfinished Quarter Round.
$0.00Buy Now
Ash T-Molding
Installing a new Ash hardwood floor? Don't forget to add our coordinating Ash T-Molding to transition between your new Hardwood and another flooring of the same height or thickness. This Transition piece can be ordered in Unfinished and prefinished. Use our menu to decide your finish. 
$39.50Buy Now
Ash Cove Molding
Ash Cove Molding is a decorative molding that fits on the bottom edge of the stair's Tread to turn bland steps into a high-end staircase. It pairs beautifully with our Ash hardwood Treads and Risers or Ash hardwood flooring. Use our menu below to decide which finish and length you prefer to fit your exact needs.
$28.50Buy Now
Ash 3 1/2" Stair Nose
So, you have an incredibly beautiful Ash hardwood floor on the upper level of your establishment. Add our Ash 3 1/2" Stair Nose to create a perfect finish where your flooring meets your staircase. Stair Nosing is equipped to receive the Tongue of most hardwood floors for a quality fit. Use our Drop-down menu to decide if you would like it in Prefinished or Unfinished. 
$59.50Buy Now
Ash Threshold
Did you just install or are planning to install an Ash Hardwood floor that is uneven with the pre-existing floor it meets with? You need our Ash Threshold Molding to easy transition from one floor to the next. Thresholds are specifically designed to help transition between two uneven floors.
$43.50Buy Now
Ash Reducer
When transitioning from a vinyl, tile, or low pile carpet to your new Ash Hardwood flooring, use our Ash Reducer Molding. It is design to transition from a thicker hardwood floor to a thinner tile or carpeted flooring. Visit our drop-down menu below to decide between Prefinished and Unfinished flooring.
$39.50Buy Now
Ash Shoe Molding
One of our options for Transition Molding between the wall or cabinetry and the floor is Ash Shoe Molding. This molding offer a smooth transition while not invading to far onto your flooring. This Mold leaves room for furniture to be closer to the wall while maintaining elegance in a room. Our Ash Shoe Molding coordinates with our Ash Hardwood floors.

Use our menus below to choose between Prefinished and unfinished wood.
$14.90Buy Now
6″ Select Ash Unfinished Solid Flooring
Original price was: $7.59.Current price is: $6.99. sq. ft.