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Are These Habits Causing More Damage on Your Flooring?

Maintaining the floors in your home can feel like a nearly impossible task. We use them every day over and over with no way to avoid doing so! At we know that you care about your home and want to keep your flooring looking new for years to come, so we’re here to help! There are several things you can avoid to help keep your flooring in great shape over time. Continue reading “Are These Habits Causing More Damage on Your Flooring?” »

Can I Use My Vacuum Cleaner on Hardwood Floors?

Your new hardwood floor is a sight to behold as it presents a certain touch of class and elegance within your home. When it comes to maintaining its beauty, utilizing the proper cleaning method is critical so as not to damage the floor’s integrity. Many homeowners wonder if vacuum cleaners are the ideal tools to keep up the appearance of hardwood. And if so, which style of vacuum works best? provides information as to whether or not vacuum cleaners can be used to maintain hardwood floors. Continue reading “Can I Use My Vacuum Cleaner on Hardwood Floors?” »

Change Your Space with Wood Flooring from

Are you in need of a refresh this season? Now that the holidays are over and the New Year is here, you may be interested in switching up your space. Investing in new flooring is a great way to help your home feel like new, while also increasing its value. Use wood flooring to change your space this season. Continue reading “Change Your Space with Wood Flooring from” »

Engineered Hardwood Floors: A Guide for Homeowners

It goes without saying that every homeowner wants nothing more than to turn their house into a home. One of the ways that many people attempt to accomplish this is with home renovation projects. When you’re making your home undergo a metamorphosis, it’s always best to start from the ground up. And when it comes to the ground up, we’re, of course, talking about the flooring in your home. Continue reading “Engineered Hardwood Floors: A Guide for Homeowners” »

Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Floor

With the new year arriving, you might be thinking about undertaking some renovations for your home. Among the many upgrades that many think about getting done, a new floor is sometimes at the very top of the list. That said, there are some important questions you should ask before going forward with anything. Today, we’ll examine a few of them.

Continue reading “Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Floor” »

How to Make a House into a Beautiful Home

It’s the goal of anyone who purchases a house to transform it into a home eventually. While this process might seem like an arduous task, it’s actually much easier than you might realize. The transformation process is one that can be accomplished by practicing a few simple steps, which we’ll be exploring in this article. Continue reading “How to Make a House into a Beautiful Home” »

Considerations for Purchasing a Hardwood Floor for Your Home

For many homeowners, having a hardwood floor installed is a dream come true. Not only are they durable, but they can also improve the style, aesthetic, and air quality of any room that they’re placed into. Before you start looking for a contractor and ripping up your old carpeted flooring, there are a few essential factors to consider during the purchasing process, which we’ll be going over today. Continue reading “Considerations for Purchasing a Hardwood Floor for Your Home” »

Remodeling & Renovation Tips and Tricks

It’s the ultimate goal of anyone who buys a house to turn it into a dream home. Whether it’s an easy job that takes only a few hours or a massive undertaking that will consume a significant amount of time, there’s quite a bit of preparation that goes into both. A common factor that both shares is that many people are unsure of where a good place to start is. This is the driving purpose behind the article you’re currently reading. We hope to give you some helpful advice to get on the ground running with your upcoming remodeling or renovation. Continue reading “Remodeling & Renovation Tips and Tricks” »