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Unfinished Solid Flooring

Unfinished Solid Hickory Flooring


Unfinished Solid Hickory Flooring

The experience of walking into a room with hickory hardwood flooring is nothing short of breathtaking. Bold and beautiful hickory hardwood floors are true works of art that owners are proud of. When you choose hickory floors, you are making an outstanding decision.

What is Unfinished Solid Hickory Flooring?

Unfinished flooring is simply any hardwood flooring that does not come "factory sealed" or "pre-finished" from the factory. In other words, this unfinished hickory flooring is solid hickory hardwood that has been harvested, sawn, kiln-dried, and molded into tongue & groove flooring material, but the surface of the flooring is not yet sealed. Upon receiving your new unfinished flooring you will need to install it, sand it, and stain and/or finish it. A variety of different finishes are available, ranging from polyurethane, solvent-based finishes, tongue oil, etc...

Our unfinished solid hickory flooring is one of our most popular choices of unfinished hardwood flooring. Known for its dramatic color variation, and its naturally warm, comfortable appearance, hickory floors are sure to make your room exactly what you're dreaming of.

Where Does Hickory Flooring Come From?

Hickory grows best in eastern North America down through Central America, though a few sub-species can be found in Asia. There are quite a few sub-species, including Southern Shagbark, Bitternut Hickory, and Pignut Hickory, just to name a few. Pecan is also a member of the Hickory family. Several of the different varieties produce delicious, edible nuts. Though there are several sub-species, most hickory plank flooring is bundled under 'Hickory' in the marketplace. However, Pecan is often found marketed and sold under its own name.

What Other Hickory Products Are Available?

Hickory is not only used for hickory plank floors. Because of its strength and stability, we offer a wide variety of hickory materials, including hickory stair treads and other hickory stair parts, hickory moldings, such as hickory baseboard and hickory crown molding, and many more hickory products. Why Choose Hickory Flooring? Hickory hardwood is most noted for its striking colors and patterns. The sapwood ranges in color from cream to yellow, and the heartwood may be light brown or reddish brown with color ranges everywhere in between. The patterns can be strikingly bold or very light and subtle. Often, it is chosen for its next best feature; its pure strength and hardness. It makes perfect plank flooring with a rating of 1820 on the Janka hardness scale. This wood's incredible hardness makes hickory floors suitable for the busiest rooms in your home, like kitchens, foyers, and any other high-traffic areas. The hardness is second only to its stunning appearance the reason why people choose hickory for their plank flooring.

Hickory flooring is a master of changing its appearance, of course with a little help. Hickory floors take stains well, adding a new dimension to making a room flow seamlessly and matching your home's existing decor. Wide plank flooring can be used to show more of the pattern of the wood, adding more visual interest as the eyes caress it. When choosing a hickory floor, think of what effect you are trying to create. Are you looking for a rugged, rustic design? Is your aim to convey class and elegance? Both are possible with hickory plank floors. A plus is that cleaning a hickory floor is fast and easy with a dust mop or a vacuum. Taking Care of a hickory floor actually does better if it is sealed. If left completely unfinished, your hickory flooring is susceptible to moisture and can crack without proper care. Because unfinished hickory flooring can be stained and finished in dozens of colors and shades, many people choose unfinished hickory flooring instead of prefinished hickory flooring. Whether you choose unfinished hickory or prefinished hickory, you can rest assured that your hickory floor is sure to last for generations with proper care and maintenance.

We offer unfinished hickory plank flooring at its very best. Our hickory plank floors are valuable yet affordable solutions when choosing how to match your décor. We have hickory and pecan in many different eye-catching varieties. When you choose your hickory plank flooring, we can help you make that choice with knowledgeable and caring service.

You have found our solid hickory flooring that is unfinished, we offer a variety of widths, lengths, and grades, to make sure you find just the right hickory flooring for your project.

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