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Unfinished Solid Brazilian Cherry Flooring

 Unfinished Solid Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Hardwood flooring adds value to your home and a clean, rich look to the office. Projects such as installing a new wood floor are sometimes difficult because of the varieties of floors that are available today.

Common Considerations When Choosing Your Floor

Deciding what type of wood floor is best to consider first. Would you like it to be pre-finished or unfinished? Exotic or Domestic? Solid or Engineered? Dark, light or medium colored?

All of these decision are tough to make. When you choose an unfinished product, there is the benefit that you can choose whatever stain or finish that you wish. Exotic flooring is simply gorgeous to complete you home or work environment. Exotic flooring has color variation and uniqueness that domestic flooring does not have.

There are little limitations when choosing solid exotic hardwood flooring. For example, solid flooring is not recommended for use below grade such as installing in a basement. Solid flooring is 3/4″ thick and this means it will be able to be sanded and refinished about 5 times if done correctly.

Dark floors, light floors and medium colored floors! So many choices! It all comes down to what your style is but there are other factors that can help with this decision. Light colored hair dogs that shed will be less visible on a light colored floor! If your pet has sharp nails, scratch marks will show up less as well! The same method is applied to medium and dark colored flooring. Brazilian Cherry is very photosensitive and can be darkened by exposure to sunlight. Keep this in mind when choosing your flooring.

Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring Facts

Jatoba, otherwise known as Brazilian Cherry is a wood that is found in different countries most typically in the south such as Peru, Brazil, Mexico etc… This exotic wood is used to make brilliant furniture, decor and most well-known, used to make hardwood flooring.

The Jatoba wood has no relation to the domestic cherry flooring which comes from the American Black Cherry tree. The reason Jatoba is called Brazilian Cherry is probably because it looks like an exotic version of the domestic cherry flooring because of its “cherry” hues.

It is important to request samples of different variation of boards of Brazilian Cherry exotic floors before you purchase your wood because Brazilian Cherry has different color variations such as dark red-brown to red-orange colors. These different tones create the beauty of Brazilian Cherry flooring and when you see the entire floor installed and your furniture is in place, you will certainly have no regrets! Adding exotic floors to your house increases the value and uniqueness that you are looking for. will sell you great quality Brazilian Cherry flooring for your hard-earned money. Our flooring professionals will ensure you that you will get great shipping rates to get your solid exotic unfinished Brazilian Cherry flooring safely to your door at a low price!

Great Qualities of Brazilian Cherry Hardwood

The Janka scale is a scale that the wood industry uses to measure the density of certain woods. Brazilian Cherry measures at 2,820 which is great being that the scale starts at 0 (being the softest) and 4,000 (being the hardest). Brazilian Cherry is dent and crush resistant which is desirable for both the work place and the home. Brazilian Cherry exotic hardwood flooring comes in different widths that can accommodate any style preference. Jatoba is offered in 2 1/4″ , 3″ , 3 1/4″ , 4″ , and 5″ planks. This solid exotic hardwood floor will be a great purchase that you can “stand” on.

Order Your Unfinished Solid Brazilian Cherry Floor Now!

It is as simple as clicking a button when you order your floors from Simply find the width that you wish to order, enter in your needed square feet and click checkout! Contact us today to help you with your order! Buy unfinished Brazilian Chery 3/4″ solid exotic hardwood floors online with us today!


Hardwood flooring is considered by many to be the most desirable type of floor to be had. Because wood flooring is a natural, organic product, literally there are no two boards alike. Every single plank of a wood floor is unique, never repeating a grain, and every piece varies in color, however slightly, from the next. Because of its natural organic properties, wood is the perfect canvas upon which to create a totally unique flooring product. Whether the wood is stained (nearly any color imaginable can be achieved with wood stains and aniline dyes) or textures the wood using methods like hand scraping, distressing or wire brushing, the designs that can be achieved with hardwood floors are virtually limitless.


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Purchasing hardwood floors online doesn’t have to be risky, or even mysterious. Get your flooring products with safe & efficient shipping methods.

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In addition to our already low prices, check out our sales & coupons to see how you can save even more on your new floors!

Murali Mandava
Murali Mandava
Purchased 36 Hickory treads of 3-1/4th thickness x 13'' x40" and 2 big landings . These are non-butcher blocks with regular face grain on top, bottom and front. They offered me incredible pricing. I searched and spoke to may of them, none could offer me these specs, all of them were offering various species with butcher block design. Katharine and Eric provided exceptional service from quote to finish. Sent me the product in 6 weeks as promised with well packaged. Product and finish quality was amazing with no damage. My GC and Interior decorator was amazed too. I'm such a happy customer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Tim W
Tim W
I purchased red oak for a 24’ x 14’ floor about four years ago and it has held up incredibly well. The flooring came in bundles with a perfect mix of lengths. We are so happy we are now planning to do two additional rooms and a couple hallways!
Abigail Bauman
Abigail Bauman
I recently purchased some flooring that I had been searching high and low for. Most suppliers that did have what I was looking for didn’t have the quantity that was needing. Not only did this group come through on the material side of things but their customer service through the whole purchasing and shipping processes was like second to none. Communication and follow through were exactly as they said it would be. We did have some material damaged by the freight carrier but they were quick to work with me through that and come to a viable resolution. Sarah, whom, I had the pleasure of working with is a true asset to the company and was awesome to work with. We could not have been more pleased, thank you!
Dave Morrow
Dave Morrow
I recently purchased red oak engineered flooring that I couldn’t be happier with. Sarah Richards was my sales person and what a fantastic job she did. I was never out of the loop, she always gave me updates on when and where my order was in the process. I was told it would take about 5 weeks to manufacture my flooring which I was ok with but it really only took about 3 weeks. This is a great place to do business with.
Jeanne Warner
Jeanne Warner
Outstanding customer service! I recently purchased flooring from them online trying to match my existing flooring, which was installed years ago. However, the two floorings did not match to my satisfaction. Thanks to Sarah and her team at customer service, they diligently resolved the problem in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to use this company again.
Eric Manzler
Eric Manzler
I was looking for some hard to find strip oak floor material and nobody carried the specific boards that would match the flooring already in my home. Upon contacting this company I was directed to Eric. He shipped me some samples and was able to accommodate my shipping time frame for the order. I thought I was dealing with a sales rep only to find out from someone answering the phones there that he owned the business! My order was not a large one and I was very impressed with the customer service from the company's owner. He leads by example!
Kirsten Machamer
Kirsten Machamer
This is one of the few companies that carried the thin strip red oak. We order a standard grade, the product came from the states, and delivery was timely and easy. I'm happy with the product, thrilled it matches our existing wood floor to the tee, and good communication between all parties involved. Overall a great experience, I will gladly consider all flooring purchases from this company.
Matthew Sheahan
Matthew Sheahan
Pricing was better than my contractor could find and the product was exactly what I wanted. There was an issue with shipping (1/2) of my order was sent to the wrong place and some pieces were damaged. Customer service jumped on it quickly and the issue was corrected to my satisfaction. There was more scrap than expected in the 'character grade' flooring, but it still came out to less than 10%.
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