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Unfinished Solid Flooring

UA Floors


Top Quality Engineered Hardwood Floors

If looking for hardwood floors and have decided on engineered flooring for your next project, then UA Floors should be at the top of your list for top-quality engineered hardwoods with a vast assortment of colors and species to excite the decorator in anyone. For fashions that are up to date which includes American Hardwoods in Select Grades to Exotic Hardwoods and Rustic Grades with widths ranging from 3 9/16" to 7 1/2" as well as lengths running 1.5' to 4' and up to 7' long. The wide planks are very popular with today's decors and UA Floors crafts these beautiful floors to meet the demands of their customers. UA Floors has become the number one brand for engineered, environmentally safe flooring and has received recognition from around the world for not only the excellent product they produce but for their commitment to green manufacturing carrying several certifications for consumer safety, health, and environmental requirements. UA Floors desires to show forth the natural beauty of the wood that nature has produced so that the consumer will be able to enjoy that beauty in their own homes and businesses.

UA Floors Offers Many Selections to Choose from

UA Floors features a great selection of collections to choose from starting with the Grecian Series which offers several species from Red Oaks, Cherry, and Hickory to Santos Mahogany, Australian Cypress, and Brazilian Walnut with an Aluminum Oxide UV cured Multilayer Coating. The Patrician Series displays rich colored select grades including American Walnut, European Steamed Beech and Asian Teak also finished in an Aluminum Oxide UV cured Multilayer Coating. Then there is the Olde Charleston Series which is loaded with warm embracing colors such as Vintage American Cherry, Leathered Walnut, and the timeless classic, True Reclaimed Heart Pine, all finished with an Environmentally Friendly Oil Finish. The Olde Charleston boasts three different widths including 4 3/4", 5 1/2" and 7 1/2", all coming in Random Lengths of 1' - 7'  for an assortment of selections and options for your flooring project. The Next collection is the Venetian Series which also highlights a 7 1/8" width that comes in classic beauties like White Oak, American Hard Maple, Ash, and the Exotic Zebra Wood. The finish on this fine floor features an Aluminum Oxide UV & Anti-Abrasive Coating. The Milano features Hickory, Wormy Chestnut, Brazilian Cherry, and Santos Mahogany and receives the same superior Aluminum Oxide UV cured Multilayer Coating. The last and newest collection is the Diamond Forever Series which features a special coating that represents the grain of the wood well and carries strong resistance to abrasions. Species include Rose Walnut, Tigerwood,  Brazilian Taupe, and Peruvian Walnut. All in all, UA Floors offers thirty different colors among the over fourteen different Wood Species to choose from for an enormous selection of engineered products for any of your flooring needs.

Other Features and Excellent Warranties offered by UA Floors

Wondering about the type of installation method you can use with UA Engineered Floors? You have a few options to choose from including Float, Staple, and Glue-Down on most of UA Flooring plus a tongue and groove milling profile on all four sides for precision fitting. The Micro-Beveled Edges and Ends give a smooth board-to-board transition and Sawn Wear Layers ( Not Rotary) for the exact look of solid hardwood flooring.  UA Floors Manufactures all of its flooring under the strictest quality control. Your floor will be milled very exactingly with very few defects compared to the industry standards.  A 25-Year Finish Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Warranty give consumers great confidence in purchasing UA Floors!

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