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Ways to Protect Your Flooring During the Holidays

The holidays can be an amazing time to get together with friends and family. It almost feels like regular life disappears for a couple of days just so you can reconnect with the ones you love. But with the holidays, you tend to ignore those little aspects of life that you tend to care about for the rest of the year. For example, the quality of your flooring it’s not something you’re going to be thinking about while cutting the turkey on Thanksgiving. But the truth in the matter is, you can still have fun while protecting your flooring this holiday season. So when you have guests over, don’t stress about it. Because today we’re going to give you some tips on how you can protect your flooring during the holidays.


You can’t put door mats all over your home but a doormat can be essential in keeping your main floor in great shape. This is done because it acts as a cleanser for the shoes that walk through the front door. If someone’s got something on their shoe, you can direct them to the doormat. You don’t even have to do that because when the person sees it, they tend to wipe their feet anyway. This is just a small little thing that you can do to protect your floors without going above and beyond.

Strategic Rugs

As we said, you can’t put door mats everywhere. But you can take the idea of the doormat and duplicate it. All you need to do is place rugs in high-traffic areas. If you know that many people have been walking in your living room, put some rugs down there. You probably won’t need rugs in your basement or your bedroom. All you need to do is buy enough rugs to cover the areas that may face damage. be strategic about it.

Takes Shoes Off

Instead of putting rugs all over your house, you can eliminate the problem by getting rid of the source. This can be done by asking your guests to remove their shoes. Don’t feel awkward about this whatsoever because, at the end of the day, it’s your home. And this isn’t as uncommon as it may sound. There are plenty of homes that have this done all over the place. Sure, back in the day this may have been a little strange. But today it’s a lot more common than you may think. And this can be a huge benefit because shoes carry some of the most harmful bacteria that you can bring into your home.

Call the Pros has been bringing floors to customers for years and we’re ready to help you redo your floors this season. So give us a call at 1-800-689-9006. We can’t wait to help!

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