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Top Questions to Ask When Buying Wood Flooring!

Buy Hardwood Floors in IL | Illinois Wood Floor Boards

Installing new floors can be a great investment for your home, ensuring greater resale ability as well as a more comfortable home environment for years to come. Happily, for new consumers, has written an exhaustive review of the most important questions to ask when buying wood flooring.

A first question you should ask yourself is whether solid or engineered wood flooring is right for you, which is usually a question of whether the flooring will be installed above or below ground.

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Wood species is next, which includes a gallery of more than 50 domestic and imported woods.

Whether you want a factory or site-finished floor is usually a question of your installation needs, i.e. do you have a need to minimize dust and disruption during installation, or if you prefer to opt for greater customization and a more complex installation. also absolutely (and convincingly) advised you to purchase at least 10% more flooring than your square footage requires to allow for cutting and fitting and assures you that shiny (gloss), semi-gloss and satin or matte finishes are really just a matter of preference, and offers advice on how to minimize pet scratches.

Because maintenance is a high priority for most consumers, gives its own recommendations on how to keep your floors looking new including strategically placed throw rugs, cleaning tips, finishes and to avoid sun-fading.

Finally, lets you know what to expect in terms of timing your order, installation times and requirements and probably the most important advice anyone could give you: Don’t try to do it yourself unless you’re a flooring professional and you’ve got the right materials and resources. Yes, flooring installation can be expensive, but the rewards of a professionally manufactured and installed wood floor far outweigh those costs and it’s best likely not a DIY job. Find a flooring professional in your area today!

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