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Standard Hardwood Flooring Nail Patterns

standard hardwood floor nail patternsNothing enriches a room like hardwood flooring, but in order to correctly install it, learning about standard hardwood flooring nail patterns is essential. Essentially, the nail pattern for installation is the spacing between nails. The width of the hardwood flooring strips that you are installing will determine whether you must put nails anywhere from four inches apart and up to ten inches apart.

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Hardwood strips that are on the wider range, four to seven inches in width, will need nails four to six inches apart. Strips that are from three inches to less than four inches in width require nails every six to eight inches.

Narrow strips of less than three inches wide need nails every eight to ten inches.

The Nails You Use Matter

While you will need to nail in the first and last board by hand, the remainder of the nailing can be done using a nail gun. This will greatly speed up the actual process of nailing, so you can focus on remaining consistent with the nail patterns necessary for the best installation possible.

standard hardwood floor nail patternWhen you are installing hardwood flooring, the nails you use really do matter. Cleat nails are the standard for hardwood flooring nails because their barbed bottom creates a better bond between the wood and the subfloor. Other nails that are recommended for hardwood flooring installation include galvanized ones or screw shank nails.

Hardened nails are also necessary in order to save the installer from having to deal with bent nails. Certain woods always require screws to avoid splitting. It is important to make sure you get the right nails for the right wood.

The gauge of the nail is another important factor, with higher numbers being for thicker nails. Even the length of the nails is important and must be determined based on the thickness of the flooring. Choose the right nails in order to get the right finished product.

Be sure to get professional help in choosing the right nails to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Knowing What to Buy

standard hardwood floor nailing patternsKnowing how many nails to use for your hardwood flooring is another very important factor when you are getting the materials for your project. The product width will affect the number of nails you need. Products that are two to three inches in width need eight to ten inches of space between nails; three- to four-inch products need six to eight inches of space. Products wider than four inches need six inches of spacing. You can easily figure out how many nails you need based on the number of strips you are using, their lengths, and the spacing required.

When it comes to the purchase of the actual hardwood, you will need to decide which species you want to use in your home. The American Hardwood Information Center provides you with very helpful information on choosing the right species to go with for your hardwood flooring project. Not only will you see how the color will look fully finished and the ambiance it provides to your rooms, you will also be able to learn about the working properties of the species, its physical properties, and much more.

How much of the hardwood flooring you’ll need to purchase is another consideration when planning new hardwood flooring installation. You will need to carefully measure your floor area exactly. When you have done so, you will need to add an extra 15 to 25 percent more product in order to allow for wastage.

standard hardwood floor nailing patternIf you are creating a patterned floor, gravitate towards the higher percentage because patterns tend to create more wastage.

The next thing you will want to look at is the actual hardwood flooring brands themselves. There are a wide variety of manufacturers out there and they can differ significantly. Be sure to choose the best brand possible for your budget. Doing your research will help you make the best choice.

standard hardwood flooring nail patternsTiming Is Everything

Installing hardwood flooring is not an impulse flooring solution. When you decide to go with hardwood flooring in your home, you will have a wait period of up to a couple of weeks before you can get started.

That is because the wood you buy for your flooring project will have to become acclimated to the humidity levels of your home prior to installation, according to the National Wood Flooring Association. Therefore, be sure to plan your installation date accordingly.

Prepare the Surface

Even before you start worrying about the nail pattern that you will use for installing your new hardwood flooring, it is critical to make sure that the surface you will be putting the hardwood floor on is perfectly prepared. Stray nails and other imperfections in your sub floor will cause big problems when it is time for installation.

standard hardwood flooring nail patternBefore you begin, sweep the surface of the subfloor. Make sure it is completely smooth with no remnants of old flooring. This may require use of a grinder or similar tool in order to make sure you have the ideal surface for the new flooring you are installing.

Choose the Supplier

While there are a variety of suppliers of hardwood flooring on the market today, not all are equal. Therefore, you will find that is important to make sure that the company you are doing business with is reputable. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start when checking out a company because it records complaints about all companies and how such things are handled.

How a company deals with dissatisfied customers tells you a lot about the company in general.

standard hardwood flooring nailing patternAs with any project, installing hardwood flooring is much more than just standard hardwood flooring nail patterns and the color of the wood. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the process before you delve into the job. Properly installed hardwood flooring can be the most beautifying renovation you can do to your home.

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