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Selecting the Best Type of Wood for Your Floor

Renovating your home is a lot of work. Aside from the toil of the job, there’s planning, budgeting, getting the right team together, acquiring the proper permits, and what material you’ll be using to make your vision come true. When it comes to installing a hardwood floor, different types of wood have unique aesthetics and characteristics that make them ideal for different locations. Let’s find out the differences to help you decide what you “wood” choose.


Oak remains the most popular choice for hardwood floors. When factoring material costs into your budget, it’s important to remember that oak is easily affordable at $2 a square foot. Comprised of a hard grain, the floor stains easily, allowing you to manipulate the color scheme to your liking. The proper stain can also accent the knots in the floor to add a unique texture to its appearance.

With proper upkeep to its surface, an oak floor can last for up to 25 years. Much of this depends on the quality of the wood, as some have lasted for over a century. Oak is naturally resistant to fungus and insect infestation and is the perfect match of both quality and cost.


Lighter in color than oak, maple comes with a slightly lower price tag. As the quality of the wood is concerned, maple is extremely durable and can withstand heavy traffic and use. Its light blonde tones are ideal for a contemporary location, especially one like a basketball court or dance floor. While maple is practical, it lacks the bold aesthetic that some people want to achieve in their living space. Maple doesn’t stain evenly and is better suited for heavy-use items and projects.


There’s a reason why the nickname “old hickory” was used to describe General Andrew Jackson’s toughness. Hickory is dependable, strong, and comparable to a bottle of vintage wine. Hickory goes through a 200-year aging process to properly mature. This means that hickory comes with the heaviest price tag, which is comparable to its durability. Hickory requires little to no maintenance in terms of wear and tear and is water-resistant. If you want an investment rather than a project, hickory will be your ideal choice.

Supply and Demand

As you might have learned in class, the governing rules of economics are supply and demand. This not only applies to economics but the selection and quality you’ll find at We understand better than anyone the demand for the highest quality and selection when it comes to placing the perfect floor in your house.
Visit our site for inventory and a constant stream of incredible deals. Online ordering is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll be glad to help you get the floor you’ve always dreamed of.

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