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The Rustic Hardwood Flooring Trend!

GA Hardwood Floors | Georgia Unfinished Wood Flooring

Flooring trends seem to quickly come and go. For every lifestyle and discerning taste, there is a flooring material to match. However, one flooring trend has emerged over the years that has true staying power. Rustic hardwood flooring creates a warm, rich feel that adds a lived-in touch to any space. With rustic hardwoods, homeowners can create a natural tone and ambiance that feels authentic and familiar. Today’s rustic hardwood flooring trends are marked by textured flooring looks, earthy colors, and wide planks of random lengths.

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Texture is the vibrant element which allows a space to truly come alive. Through the stimulation of our tactile senses, texture holds the power to stir emotions and trigger memories. Rustic flooring incorporates hand-scraping techniques and distressed finishes to achieve rich texture. Graining, character marks such as nail holes and burls, and color washing creates the depth and weathering characteristic of naturally-aged hardwoods.

Earth Tones:
Today’s rustic flooring trends are shifting from darker hardwoods to more natural mid-tones. Earthy tones are an excellent way to bring the beauty of the natural world into the home. Honeys, browns, and warm golds engage the senses and bring a light, spacious feel to any room. Deep reds and darker browns achieve a more dramatic and elegant look.

Wide, Random Planks:
Board size has a surprising effect on the appearance and feel of a room. Wide planks of random lengths create the slightly-imperfect and custom feel of skilled craftsmanship. Wide planks between three and six inches make a striking statement in any home, whether urban loft or country cottage.

The rustic hardwood flooring trend gives your modern space a subtle hint of nostalgia. Natural and warm with an added vintage flair, today’s rustic hardwood flooring is one trend that is here to stay! For more information on our floors and even unfinished flooring feel free to call us at 1-800-689-9006 today!

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