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Can You Put Heavy Furniture or Appliances on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

As you choose flooring for your home, you have a lot you need to consider. For one, you want to make sure the flooring you select can accommodate your furniture and appliances.

Different types of flooring are designed for different rooms in a home. For example, tile is most appropriate for a bathroom, while carpet is more suitable for a bedroom. If you’re interested in vinyl plank flooring, you need to know what rooms in your home are best for this option.

Vinyl plank flooring is an attractive flooring option because it combines the stylish appearance of hardwood with an affordable price tag. Vinyl plank hardwood is also available in countless styles, so there’s a flooring option for your home no matter your interior design style. In addition to its appearance and price tag, vinyl plank flooring is also great because it can handle up to 500 pounds of weight per plank.

On average, a refrigerator weighs between 200 and 400 pounds. When placed on several vinyl planks, the strength of the planks can easily hold up the refrigerator.

Can You Put Heavy Furniture or Appliances on Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank hardwood is made from heavy-duty plastics. Polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC) is melted and pressure-mixed with plasticizers, white pigments, UV stabilizers, fungicide, and calcium carbonate. This mixture is then added to a backing layer, holding everything in place. Most vinyl planks are made with two to six layers, making them waterproof, scratch-resistant, and cost-effective.

Vinyl plank hardwood is excellent for any room in your home that has heavy furniture or appliances. However, you need to wait to add heavy furniture and appliances to your home after the flooring installation process. Vinyl plank hardwood can require a waiting period of up to 48 hours before you can place anything on it.

Before putting furniture and appliances on your vinyl plank hardwood floors, clean your floors. You also want to avoid dragging your furniture, as this can scratch the floors. Instead, lift furniture and appliances into place. It doesn’t hurt to add pads to the legs of your furniture to reduce scratching as well.

You can shop for the ideal vinyl plank hardwood for your home with Shop our inventory online and reach out to us at with any questions. We hope to work with you soon!

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