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Preparing Your Home for Hardwood Floors!

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How exciting it will be to have your home upgraded with real hardwood floors! In all the excitement, there are a few things to remember when you are having hardwood floors installed. Let’s go over them:

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  • Unlike engineered or laminate floors, hardwood floors will be finished once installed. This means you, your family, and your pets cannot walk on the floors for a few (or perhaps several) days, depending on weather and humidity in your area. You can damage the new finish if you walk on it before it has cured. You may wish to find an alternate place to stay, depending on the floors you are installing. And, have your pets taken care of somewhere else.
  • Before the contractor gets there, move everything out of the rooms where the floors will be installed. The rooms must be completely empty. It’s not a bad idea to remove pictures from the walls, and any items on wall shelves. Anything that falls can damage the new floors or be broken accidentally as the floors are installed.
  • Buy a few rolls of blue painter’s tape, and tape closed all cabinets, closets where the floors won’t be installed, and cupboards. Putting in hardwood floors creates dust, and taping cabinets will help keep the dust out. The contractor should also install plastic curtains between their work areas and other parts of the house to minimize dust elsewhere. The air conditioning or heat should be turned off during the sanding process to minimize dust entry into your ventilation system. You might want to ask the contractor to install a fan in a window to create negative pressure and vent the dust outside. There’s no perfect solution to getting rid of dust, but these tricks will help.
  • Appliances like dishwashers don’t normally need to be moved, but a new floor is often installed under the refrigerator so figure out where you can move it to keep it plugged in and running. Don’t forget to turn off the water to the ice machine before disconnecting any hoses. Remember that closets have the same floor as the hallway they adjoin, so empty them out and remove the door or have the contractor do it.

Properly installed and finished hardwood floors can last for decades with only routine maintenance, and can be refinished later if needed. Depending on your home and the look you are trying to achieve, solid hardwood may be your best choice. Give is a call at and let’s discuss your flooring needs. We have an incredible range of hardwoods to choose from, so check with us first when considering hardwood floors.

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