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Pets and Hardwood Floors: Commonly Asked Questions

There are two things that people love–turning their house into a home and their four-legged fur babies. A good way to improve the former of these two is shopping around for a hardwood floor. There’s a misconception that pets tend to ruin floors of the wooden variety. While the risk of pets scratching anything is always present, there are things every pet owner should know about the relationship between the two.

How Do Pets Damage Hardwood Floors?

Many people assume that just because dogs and cats have claws, they automatically damage hardwood flooring. While the potential for damage is certainly there, a solution is easily remedied. Another issue that many people assume will occur is that accidents will corrode hardwood floors. As long as they’re properly cleaned up after the fact, pet accidents will have minimal impact on your flooring.

Dog on Hardwood Flooring

Is it Possible to Prevent Pets from Damaging the Hardwood Floor in my House?

Yes, there are ways you can prevent damage to your hardwood floors from your lovely little fur babies. Your local pet store will most likely carry special nail clippers that can keep your pets’ nails trimmed down to keep them from scratching the surface of your hardwood floor. Another way to help prevent any substantial damage is to place rugs and carpeting in high-traffic areas. This will help prevent abrasions from pets and visitors of the human variety.

Is Hardwood Better Than Carpet for Pet Owners?

Yes. While carpeting is certainly less expensive, it also has a tendency to track mites, allergens, and various strains of bacteria. Not only will hardwood floors improve the air quality of your home, but unwanted guests will not be nearly as frequent. Pets have a more substantial track record of attracting mites and fleas, so hardwood is definitely the better option.

Should I Get a Hardwood Floor for My House?

It’s up to you whether or not you feel a hardwood floor is ideal for you. Hardwood might cost more, but it’s more along the lines of an investment than a purchase. Hardwood flooring will add to property values should you ever decide to sell.

The right floor can not only turn your house into a home, but it can also elevate the style and aesthetic to a whole new level. At, we’re the first and last place you’ll ever need to create the floor you’ve always wanted. Visiting our website at or giving us a call at 800-689-9006 can get your new floor in the works much sooner than you think.

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