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My Wood Floor Squeaks—What Does this Mean?

Owning a hardwood floor can be very advantageous. Unlike carpet which tracks in dirt and malodourous smells, a hardwood floor is durable and much easier to maintain over a lengthy period. Upkeep is essential to getting the most out of your floor, and you might have noticed a squeaking sound emanating from certain spots. It’s not the end of the world, and finding out the cause is much easier than you think.

Becoming Submissive to Subflooring

One of the most common causes of an unwanted squeak is the uneven subflooring. An uneven subfloor can lead to open pockets of spaces between it and the top floor, causing a squeak. A subfloor that’s sustained a considerable amount of water damage will not be able to function properly. A subfloor that’s beyond repair will cause noticeable creaking whenever it’s walked on.

Joint Issues and the Creaks They Cause

Underneath the subfloor is a series of joints that make up the framework and base and could be considered the foundation. If there’s a noticeable problem with the joint, unwanted movement will occur and this causes squeaks and creeks. If you suspect that there’s a problem with the joints in your floor it’s best to hire a professional to investigate. Fixing this issue can be complex and quite costly.

Tis the Season…

Like some people becoming afflicted with seasonal depression, the squeaking in your floors might revolve around the changing seasons and only occur during a certain time of year. Because your floor is made of wood, it will expand and contract with the sudden changes in temperature. Don’t be alarmed, this is a very normal occurrence.

Seeking Out Professional Help

Believe it or not, hardwood floors are more complex than they might seem and squeaking might be an indication of a problem ranging from the manageable to the serious. If you notice a squeak whenever you use your hardwood floor, a professional can evaluate the situation and if necessary, perform essential repairs.

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