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What You Need to Know about Moisture and Hardwood Floors

Whenever someone is making decisions in regards to their home décor, even the most seemingly minor details can have a major impact. We are saying this to make the point that if the little things become so important during new builds or remodels, imagine how important the big things are! And as far as big things in improvement projects go, flooring is right at the top (pardon the irony).

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And as with every other crucial decision in these types of situations, there are several different things to research and compare when picking the one which you want to continue with. So, your friends here at thought we would take one of the most popular choices (wood flooring) and offer a quick tutorial on how various moisture levels affect it:

Optimal Moisture
Minimal to no issues. Extremely difficult to maintain year-round in most regions.

Low Moisture
Minor issues such as cracks between boards. Installing a humidifier can help.

High Moisture
This can lead to cupping. Applying heat and air circulation can improve dryness.

Extreme Moisture
This can lead to most of the other issues that come with the lesser levels of moisture, as well as also being apt to crown and then return to its original shape as the moisture levels equalize.

As with wood and any other type of flooring that you may be considering, understanding exactly what each different option offers is crucial to deciding which one is ultimately right for your new or renovated floor. That’s where our experts here at can help you find the perfecting covering for your home or office. You can also reach us over the phone by calling 800-689-9006 and speaking with one of our knowledgeable staff members.

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