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New Hardwoods for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

FL Home Hardwood Flooring | Florida Affordable Wood Floors

Planning a new home improvement project? Looking to make improvements to your flooring? Hardwoods provide your home with warmth and luxury. We offer an array of stunning hardwood flooring in varying widths, colors, and gloss levels. Take a good look at our new floors and discover your favorite. We offer three unique collections of hardwoods.

FL business hardwood flooring

Our Performance Plus hardwood is great for homes with kids, pets, and plenty of traffic! Performance Plus offers twice the protection of other flooring against dents, gouges, scuffs, and scratches. The modern 5-inch planks create a trend-setting look and can be installed in any room of the home.

Our Prime Harvest hardwood is a popular collection featuring wide planks and stylish colors. Prime Harvest hardwoods are crafted from premium grade Appalachian hardwood.

American Scrape! Inspired by the rich diversity of the American landscape, the American Scrape collection features vintage, hand-scraped textures applied to premium grade American Timber. Our three collections are crafted from a variety of quality woods.

Birch is a species with a close, straight grain, even texture, and occasional curly or wavy look. Even when exposed to intense light, Birch shows minimal color variation. Birch has a Janka score of 1260, putting it on the lower end of the hardness scale. Our Birch is a pretty blonde wood with a traditional low-gloss finish. Try it in our Marsh Field shade.

Oak is a straight-grained wood with a medium to coarse texture. This engineered hardwood will undergo moderate color changes over time and has a Janka score of 1360. Experience our beautiful Oak hardwoods in Coastline, Dovetail LG, or Mystic Taupe shades.

Maple hardwoods have a close grain with a soft, even texture. The grain is most often straight, but may appear curly, wavy, or striped. Maple underdoes a good amount of color variation and has a Janka score of 1450. Try our lovely Maples in Foliage Brown, Wine Trail, Canyon Gray, and Seneca Trail.

Hickory is a very resistant wood, both dense and coarse. Hickory’s grain is usually straight but may also be wavy. Its unique character is accented by natural knots throughout the wood. Hickory scores 1820 on the Janka scale, putting it towards the harder end of woods. Our Eagle Landing and Blackened Brown shades are available in a medium gloss.

Cherry woods have a variety of reddish hues with a golden luster. The texture ranges from medium to coarse, with the grain patterns interwoven in the wood. Cherry has a good amount of color variation when exposed to UV light, and has an extremely high Janka score of 2350. Try our Sugared Honey shade, a perfect complement to any dark or red color scheme.

American Walnut is a wood of moderate hardness, with pronounced variations in color and grain. Walnut is resilient and shows very minimal color variation when exposed to light. It scores 1010 on the Janka scale. Our Earthly Shade walnut flooring is available in a low-gloss, traditional finish. Whether your look is modern, contemporary, or rustic, you’ll find what you’re looking for with our new hardwoods. Accentuate the inviting spaces of your home with our Performance Plus, Prime Harvest, and American Scrape hardwood flooring collections!

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