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Hey Dog Owners, Here are the Best Hardwood Floors for You

You may have two loves in this world: your dog and your hardwood floors. You may have thought that those two things cannot exist simultaneously. However, we have news for you–there are some hardwood floors that will be just fine with your furry friend. Here is information on which type of hardwood floors will be perfect for your pampered pet.

Types of Hardwood Floors for Dog Lovers

Dog on Hardwood Floor

You need to know up front that the best hardwood floors for dogs are hard woods, rather than soft woods. You need to avoid these wood floors, because they are soft, which means dog claws can scratch them easily: American cherry, American walnut, carbonized bamboo, cedar, fir, and pine. One type of hardwood you may want to try is hard maple. It is so hard that it has been used for years as a basketball court flooring.

You can also choose hardwood flooring choices that are already distressed, or that are recycled from old buildings. These hardwoods have stood up to the test of time, and can take a little more wear and tear. Because they are vintage, they are also flawed–so a couple more claw marks aren’t going to make a difference. Also, check for hardwoods that have a strong wood grain pattern, because it is easier to hide claw marks and other doggie flaws.

One more tip: skip over that glossy finish that everyone loves if you have a dog. Those doggy claw marks will show up quickly on the glossy floor. You’ll want to get a matte finish or a satin finish instead. That way, your dog’s marks won’t show up as easily.

When you’re ready to talk to someone about your flooring issues, you need to give a call. Call us anytime at 800-689-9006. You can also contact us at for advice or information.

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