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Why is Hardwood The Best Option For New Floors?

CA Hardwood Flooring | California Wood Floor Boards

Tired of all the flooring trends that seem to quickly come and go? Only one flooring material can truly stand the test of time. For hundreds of years, people have trusted in the unique durability and undeniable beauty of hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring creates a warm, rich feel that adds a natural ambiance to any space. Regardless of which type you use or where you install it, hardwood is the clear choice in quality flooring. We’ve got five reasons why hardwood is the best option for new floors.

CA prefinished hardwood flooring

Straight-Forward Installation
Why make your life any more complicated than it needs to be? The process of installing hardwood floors is relatively simple and self-explanatory. If DIY jobs are not exactly your forte, a qualified installer can easily provide assistance.

With proper care, your hardwood floors can last a lifetime. In fact, hardwood floors are somewhat like fine wine: they seem to get better with age. If you want flooring that grows in beauty and gains more character as the years go by, then you want hardwood. There are also many options for refinishing worn hardwood which do not require the replacement of every board.

Simply Clean
There’s nothing quite like clean floors. Many common flooring materials can be a chore to clean and keep tidy. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and low-maintenance. Hardwood doesn’t collect dust, allergens, and smells, making it an ideal choice for the health-conscious.

The possibilities for customizing your hardwood floors are nearly endless. A wide assortment of colors and finishes can be tailored to meet any personal preference or style.

Unbeatable Value
Markets have proven that homes customized with hardwood floors hold their value much better than homes with other flooring. Hardwood flooring is a timeless material that will never go out of style.

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