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Do Hardwood Floors Increase Your Home’s Value?

Floors, just like ceilings, are important in beautifying your home. But keeping aesthetics aside, do floors have other impacts on your home? Yes, they do especially in terms of increasing or decreasing its real estate value.

Turlington American Exotics Hardwood

Hence, it is always best to avoid floors which will affect your home’s real estate value. Floors like tiles, carpets and rugs or hardwood imitation; avoid this trio. However, floors such as hardwood floors help increase your home’s value primarily because of its durability (hardwood floors have the lasting capacity to go through seasons, years, decades and even a century with just bare minimum finishes done to them) and ease of maintenance (easy to clean, easy to polish and easy to wash).

Also, when you resell your home, the new occupants can thoroughly clean them without too much hassle, without too much time dedicated to the process, without spending lots of additional dollars to purchase expensive cleaning liquid, without hiring a professional cleaning company and without thinking of entirely replacing them with another floor because of their bad shape.

Hardwood floors provide good entertainment value in the home by reducing vibrations and hollow sounds from TV sets and jukeboxes; this vibration and hollow sound reduction is the exact reason why entertainment studios go with hardwood floors more than other types of floors. This makes for good relaxation and excellent sound.

Coming to colors, no one wants a floor with color that fades only after a few months or a couple of years. Unlike carpets, hardwood floors stay retaining their original color because it is easy to remove different types of stains, wears and tears.

Because we know you want a floor that is easy to maintain, has a great look and increases the real estate value of your home in the present and in the near or distant future, fitting the floor of your home with hardwood floors is the right way to go. We have an interesting inventory of hardwood floors at You can order via email by writing to us at, placing an order on our website at or on the phone at 800-689-9006.

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