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Which is the Best Hardwood Flooring for Your Home? Maple vs. Oak

As you remodel or build your new living space, you have many choices to make. One of the choices to make is which type of hardwood flooring you would like. Two of the most popular choices are maple and oak hardwood flooring. For help choosing the best hardwood flooring for your space, just continue reading this blog post.

Maple vs. Oak Flooring

Maple hardwood flooring has its pros and cons. This option is a leader in contemporary spaces because of its light, natural finish, which opens up and brightens a space. Additionally, maple hardwood flooring is durable and able to hold up well against heavy furniture and heavy traffic. The subtle grains of maple flooring don’t add too much pattern to a large space, which is easy on the eyes and cozy.

However, maple hardwood flooring requires professional installation to be sure it doesn’t warp too much overtime. Also, maple flooring doesn’t come in a variety of colors. If you have a specific color you’re going for, maple may not match the design in your head.

On the other hand, oak flooring also has pros and cons. One pro to oak flooring is that it has pronounced grain patterns that add character and charm to any space. Shoppers can select from either white oak or red oak to match their living space and add a personal touch that is sure to impress guests or future buyers.

However, oak flooring is more of an investment than maple flooring. This is both good and bad, because oak flooring has a reputation for lasting for generations, but it costs a lot of money upfront. Worth every penny, oak flooring can be an ideal choice for your home if your budget allows.

Now that you have a better idea of what maple and oak flooring can offer, shop from our selection at Browse our website or call us at 800-689-9006 for more information about our inventory. We look forward to working with you!

Maple Hardwood vs Oak Hardwood in Your Home

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