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Frequently Asked Questions About Hardwood Flooring

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Can hardwood flooring be placed over an existing floor?

Engineered wood flooring can sometimes be placed atop an existing floor by ‘floating’ it, which is a process by which it is glued to the underlying surface. The existing floor has to be very stable, however, and must itself be firmly secured. Additionally, some floor manufacturer’s warranties will not cover this process or will have specific guidelines.

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Can hardwood flooring be placed over a concrete slab?

It is possible to float an engineered floor directly onto a concrete slab if certain conditions are met. The slab must be clean and dry and preferably in an environment where moisture is low year-round. Additionally, the slab must be on or below grade and fully-cured, to ensure an optimal seal is made when the hardwood is applied.

Can a radiant heat floor be covered in hardwood?

It is possible, although it is important to check the warranty information for your specific flooring because this often has implications for coverage. If the process is covered, hardwood flooring can be floated above a radiantly heated sub-floor as long as the surface temperature of the floor doesn’t surpass 85 degrees.

Is engineered wood flooring better than solid?

Yes. Engineered wood is of higher quality and made to exact standards that allow for greater precision in projects. Engineered wood is factory-produced and finished with an exceptionally tough UV-cured urethane with melamine. In short, engineered wood will last longer and fit better than solid flooring.

Can a kitchen have hardwood flooring?

It is possible to apply hardwood flooring to any room, but caution should be used in the kitchen. Extended contact with liquids is a serious problem for all wood floors and kitchens are prone to spills.

What hardwood floor has the most durability?

While all modern hardwood flooring is exceptionally durable, certain species of hardwood are tougher than others. The Janka Hardness rating can be used to gain a perspective on which species are the hardest and most durable.

Are indoor pets a problem with hardwood flooring?

Indoor pets are not inherently a problem, although there are some things to take note of. Pet’s with claws can damage hardwood surfaces over time and this damage is rarely covered by manufacturer warranty. Additionally, liquid exposure from pet water and food dishes, or pets themselves, can damage flooring over time.

Can paste wax be used on hardwood flooring?

Modern hardwood flooring has generally been treated with urethane that is not compatible with paste wax.

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