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What’s the Best Flooring for Kids?

When you’re remodeling your home for your family, you have to think about more than just looks. You want flooring that is also functional, durable, and designed with your family’s needs in mind. Here are some flooring options that are ideal for families with kids:

You can’t go wrong with hardwood. Hardwood flooring is timeless and classic, and for good reason. This flooring option is durable enough to withstand frequent traffic. It’s also a breeze to clean. Hardwood does not trap in dirt, debris, and allergens, which makes it easier for you to keep your home clean and comfortable. When shopping from the wide variety of hardwood flooring on the market, consider oak. Oak is hard, durable, and has a strong grain that can hide dents and scratches with ease. If you want an even harder hardwood with more lively grain, Australian cypress and Brazilian cherry are great picks too.

Kid on Floor

Bamboo flooring is commonly grouped with hardwood. Even though they have their similarities, they also have differences. Bamboo flooring is one of the most durable and hardest flooring options on the market. To add, it’s stain-resistant. This makes it a great pick for young children who are prone to spills. Bamboo flooring is also a great pick because it’s an environmentally friendly option.

Are you on a budget? Pick laminate flooring for your home. Laminate flooring mimics the look of hardwood but costs less money. Laminate is made from compressed pieces of veneer, which have the image of a wood species pressed on top. Even though laminate looks like wood, it doesn’t need to be maintained the same way. You can easily vacuum or mop your floors to keep them clean and pristine, no waxing necessary.

Cork flooring is an alternative flooring choice that is excellent for homes with children. Cork is soft beneath your feet, similar to carpet. This can help your kids feel comfortable when playing on the floor. Cork is also antimicrobial, which means it repels mold growth. When sealed correctly, cork flooring is almost impossible to stain. Cork is even antistatic, so it repels dust and dirt. If your children have allergies, consider cork flooring.

If you’ve been to a daycare, you’re probably familiar with rubber flooring. If you’re building a playroom in your home, think about adding rubber flooring to the space. Rubber is an excellent option because it’s strong and can last for decades. Rubber also offers padding for children, just in case they take a fall. Rubber is even noise-resistant by up to 18 decibels. If you’re concerned about keeping things clean, just use warm water and a mop to maintain the cleanliness of rubber flooring.

To shop for flooring for your family, visit We offer a wide variety of top-quality options that can meet the needs of your children. To speak to someone directly, please give us a call at 800-689-9006!

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